Path Symbol: As seen in a book of petroglyphs by the author in the year 2000.
Credited to the Anasazi circa 1100 A.D,
while his vision of the symbol came in 1997, confirming its significance.
Seven Crows
Poetry - Stories - Inspirational
by D. C. Bianchino

The Afterward


A piano at two a.m.,
happiness, time and again.
Purples, green, reds, gray,
colors of Sara, shaping the way.

A cello, coat,
world war two.
Filling a dream
so simple, true.

Ivy walls, victorian glass,
tudored manors, manicured grass.
A violin, composers ear,
a poets soul, breathing near.

Dragonflies; spiders
and bees.
Her special friends,
the bear is pleased.

with a passion for change.
With Turtle the Mother,
she is ordained.

The vegetable garden
knows her delight.
Unpretentious she walks
through night.

Northern Ireland's
fairy den,
knowing Sara....
For Sara send.

No time to fall
( In love that is )
for love is thicker
than just her skin.

She wins the heart
behind this song.
The song from Sara
those fairies long.

A conversation,
an August walk.
Smoke & Mirrors,
people talk.

A piano, at two a.m.,
Saraís happiness
time and again........


I touch my nipples bare and feel the burn.
My passion rises in the fire, completely
like vapor mixing with
Later, the word evergreens invades my sleep,
like the moon full seen earlier dawdling,
then finally emerging from a dark elongated
until, only the quiet lake of space, with, like
revolving bodies lit, sending vapors from their
internal fires...posthumously.


The spirit woos
as stars that shimmer
on a clear September night.
A thought is held
where Iíd rather be
as I capture it in sight.
My heart pounds
like a restless lion
prepared for the right,
for the lioness
who shares his thoughts
with soul for such a flight.
And where at will
wherever when
that place appears to be.
The two shall go
with their souls
imprisoned now set free.
No rule no law
no lock no guard
no word should it be spoke.
Will hold them
from their happiness
to mix within the smoke.
And like the winds
moving clouds
always changing forms.
Never will they separate,
as stars this poem adorns.


One week in
two daffodils passed on.
Flowers from the garden,
the world sadly mourned.
One September
showers rained on earth.
Tears for two daffodils,
fell upon the turf.
One week in
two daffodils passed on.
Flowers from the garden,
two daffodils...are gone.


Fate ordains
a day of care.
A garden calls,
two to share.
A country road,
a quiet walk,
a tall pine,
a cone that drops.

Two touch one, two touch two,
two laugh, two blush too.
So can you, so can you.

An afternoon, a hungry cat,
a canopied bed, an African mat.
Two touch one, two touch two,
two laugh, two blush too.
So can you, so can you.

A peoples thing, understand?
A time thatís right, nothing planned.
Two touch one, two touch two,
two laugh, two blush too.
So can you, so can you.

A Pink Floyd tape, half drunk tea,
a restless feeling, just set free.
Two touch one, two touch two,
two touch love, know itís true.
So can can you.


Are you ready
for the next step?
Are you ready
for it all?
Are you ready
for the next set,
the wedding and the ball?

Has that time
finally come,
that unfolding
of the plan?
Are you ready
for the next step,
being firm
where you stand.

Are you ready
without question,
but with faith
without doubt?
Have you now
attained the wisdom
to carry this plan out?

Can you see
the new horizon,
is there nothing
left behind?
Are you ready
for the next step
in relationship to
Are you ready
for the wedding?


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The Afterward

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