Path Symbol: As seen in a book of petroglyphs by the author in the year 2000.
Credited to the Anasazi circa 1100 A.D,
while his vision of the symbol came in 1997, confirming its significance.





"May you ride the waves

Through all their breaks.

(The mariner would say)

May you ride them well

In spite of storm


You're home at bay"....

Always love like it's the last time
You will ever have the chance!

May the door to the present

Kick your ass.

So the door can be closed

Which is the past.

And the one to the future

Hold you fast!

The river swollen brown
Makes its way to the sea.
Carrying with it all
Of yesterday's debris.

Tomorrow it will still
With blue and green to be,
Until it swells again so much,
It must empty; to be free!....

The World Is My Soulmate

The curtain blows

And I blow with it.

The music plays

And so do I.

I think of you

And lose the minute,

When yesterday,

Says goodbye.

"Remember, when someone tortures anyone in any way, they torture Jesus too! And that's a fact!"
D. C. Bianchino...

"May the day sit upon you
As light, as your nights."

"Sex without love
Is like eating chocolates
Without your taste buds."

Day never forgives night,
But night always forgives day.

Faith comes when day is done,
Doubt with the rising sun.

It Is Natural For Me.

Weaving in and out of light
Touching day touching night
Even with profound insight
We find ourselves between in spite.

Moon full rising slow
Seeing things I don't know.

Is it the same thing that bothered you last year?

There are as many views as there are viewers.

One whisper is worth more than any of a thousand rubies.

A shadow never stands alone.

Wisdom is recognizing the source.

To underestimate one's motives only feeds their defences.

New realities are born with every child, and illusions are buried, with every death.

To like is to give the love we voice the eyes to see with.

Everything concievable, if believable, is achievable.

Love is that which is left after all has been taken, yes, love is the leftover.

Sorry is the self that sees, that only sees itself.

The only bad experience... is one not shared.

To really care about feelings, means not to spare them.

The flower without a bee to annoy her, just withers and dies.

Love laughs, 'tis only lovers that cry.

Read read and read again for more, then live live as never one before.

Visitors... tread with respect.

Clay is the heart of the deepest work, and fire is the soul of the potter.

Freedom is that place, where no opinion waits.

Nothing... Matters.

Memory is meant to serve, not to master.

Whales beach themselves.

There are people who need a cause, any cause... because.

Let nothing that one does suprise you... people do that. And remember, we are all one of them.

Stars never shoot themselves.

Monday is the first tomorrow after Sunday.

Those who take on the world
raise themselves,
While those who take on themselves...
raise the world.

The sun doesn't rise shining yesterday's light.

Memories are the deadliest of things.

Truth never ceases to raise the skin.