Path Symbol: As seen in a book of petroglyphs by the author in the year 2000.
Credited to the Anasazi circa 1100 A.D,
while his vision of the symbol came in 1997, confirming its significance.

The History of what some Native Americans are calling the new Sacred Peace Pipe

This is a brief history of the Freedom Pipe's journey of also becoming "The Ritual Pipe", as is being called and manufactured by the Huron Wendat, who are Aborigines living in Canada.

In order for you to understand this pipe, I will have to tell you a story about White Buffalo Calf Woman. Because she is the sacred woman who brought to the Lakota the very first pipe, called "The Peace Pipe". You see back then, which was a very long time ago, two young hunters were out looking for game, when they saw this beautiful woman dressed in white buckskin. One had lustful thoughts for her, while the other one knew her as a holy woman. She then waved the one with the lustful thoughts to come to her. When he got to her, a cloud was to cover them both, and when it lifted, the young man had been reduced to bones that lay on the ground with snakes running through them. She then told the other one to go back to his village and tell the chief to prepare a really large tipi to house everyone, because she had something special to give them.

When she came she had a bundle, when she opened it there was a pipe inside. She instructed them on how to use it, and that all their prayers would rise up in the smoke to be heard by Wagan Tanka, (Or God). She then told them that she would return again at the end of time, and to pass this story down. She said others would know of her return, because she would come back as a White Buffalo that would change colors several times. Which she demonstrated upon leaving the village. Well recently, two White Buffalo's were born on the Lakota reservation in South Dakota. And all the medicine men honored that by opening their medicine bags.

Now how this all starts for me. I was in a half way house which I entered after getting sober three months before. This was in 1976. (I have been sober since). One night in vision, I am led through a door that is an entrance. There are two rooms: one is on my left, the other on my right. I am shown the room to my left. A woman is lying on a slat jutting from the wall, which is her bed. It is half way up, on the back wall to which I face. She appears to be as old as time itself. She is waving one of her arms, as if calling me to come to her, as though she has something to tell me. She has long silver hair, white milky arms, and her face is made of a suede of several different colors, and is smooth like calves ' skin. There is a light about her. She frightens me, and I run away. Many years later I would find out that a woman of this description is mentioned as White Buffalo Calf Woman, who brought the Sioux the Sacred Pipe.

Seven months after that vision, (June of 1977) while in the woods at a special spot behind where I was living; (This was in the mountains of NH) I was praying, asking God to continue to help me to turn myself around. The very next day, I have an idea for a new pipe. It lights from the bottom!

1980: receive a patent for my pipe, which a pipe company produces.

1986: get my patent rights back and produce a pipe with a rock maple bowl.

1992: June, I produce an all wood pipe including stem, bowl, and top.

1992: Meet a man who worked with the Sioux. He encourages me to continue work with the pipe. Tells me it's important. Makes me a medicine stick. Says I am a Medicine Man. Stays eight days with us.

1993: Have a vision of a turtle. Bites me on the marriage finger, draws blood.

1994: Two months after turtle vision have a vision of a White Bear. Enters my heart. I am shown it happened when I was thirteen or so.

1994: June. Had White Bears made. Go to the top of a mountain, take my medicine stick, ask for a blessing for the bear I had with me, and those that would follow. A sign after tells me my prayer was heard.

1996: January. The people who were making my White Bears come across an article showing a painting of a white bear and turtle joined together. It fascinates me that there are circles drawn around the bear's heart. It strikes me that someone else shared the same vision. Her name was given in the article with an address. I call her. Her name is Merille Sioui and she is a Wendat from the Huron nation in Quebec. I ask her about her painting and she tells me the white bear represents our star system the Milky Way, and the turtle represents the earth. The circles around the bear's heart represents the power of love, and by joining them together, shows how intimate that relationship is. I then tell her of my visions of the turtle and the white bear and share a recent poem called "Happy Rain". I explain everything in the poem was true except the last verse, which I hoped would come true. After reading the poem, we both laugh out of control. It was as if two people had just been brought together to have their purposes finally revealed.

1996: March. I am invited to her reservation and travel to Canada bringing my pipe as a gift for Merielle. Seeing it she says it is the new sacred peace pipe representing the new direction. Her son and brothers agree and ask if they could make a few. I am honored.

1997: April. Receive a few of the pipes they made. I go to the mountain where I asked for the Bear's to be blessed. I join my bear and turtle together. Place my Medicine stick in the middle of a circle, I turn it in all the directions, giving special thanksgiving to all involved. Before going to the mountain that day six hawks keep circling in front of me. I see that as a sign that it was the right time to go. I light the pipe and think about a simple message… "Think a new direction, it's not too late to turn ourselves around". My feeling is the pipe is what it wants to be a sacred pipe.

1996: May. Merielle tells me it's time to build my canoe. I ask her what she means. She tells me to meditate. Someone will come along to tell me. She also said it was the day that the medicine men opened their medicine bags in honor of the White Buffalo that had been born on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

A few hours later, I was visiting a friend where he works. His girlfriend asks me how you can find out who your spirit guide might be. For the first time, I place my thumb between her eyebrows and ask her to close her eyes and see what animal or bird may appear. When she opens her eyes she says, "I saw my dog". I say, "Maybe then it's the wolf". Her boyfriend then asks me to do the same, but not to program him. I say "I'm not programming". He closes his eyes and I place my thumb between his eyebrows. When he opens his eyes, he says, "That's funny, what I saw was a birch tree that came down, and then it turned into this beautiful canoe". I had him repeat it again. Then I thought how connected Merielle was.

I told this story to another friend a few days later. She smiled and said, "I think I know where you're going to write your book". She said she was finishing a guest house and it was on Canoe Carry Lane. We laugh. A few days go by and I go to see the people who make my white bears. I tell my friend Melanie who makes them the canoe story. She is smiling and says, " Danny, I had a dream just last night, and my husband and I were in a canoe. We were down at the ocean, near the shore. I see this big ship, the biggest I ever saw. I said to my husband, we are going to die when this big ship passes. He says, "Lie down in the canoe". So we both lie down in the canoe, and you know what? Not a ripple goes under our canoe".

A couple of weeks go by and I meet this woman they call the wolf lady. So I tell her the whole story of the canoes. She is glad I did, because she has one to tell me. She said it happened a week or so ago when she was taking a walk through the woods to the river. As she was walking she could hear all these voices behind her. When she turned around to look, no one was there. When she got to the river, she stepped in and sat on a rock. Looking into the water, she sees what she first thought were a pack of wolves, but as she looked closer, it was buffalo, and lots of them. They were flowing by her, passing by the rock she was sitting on. Next, she hears a man's voice say "They will never control me", and then right in the water, coming across, between the buffalo, is a man in his birch canoe. After telling me this story she went to her car and brought me an article out of a news paper about the white buffalo born at Pine Ridge, and said, "Danny, I think you're supposed to go to Pine Ridge".

August 4, 1998. Begin my journey to the Pine Ridge reservation to bring them the pipe the Huron Wendat had sent to me.

Oct, 25, 1998. Drive to Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Reservation, want to pray there for the right person to receive this pipe. Meet a young man named Jeremy Elk. Tell him what I'm doing there. He thinks I am to bring the pipe to Zach Bear Shield the medicine man at Wounded Knee. He was right. Bear Shield accepts the pipe, gives me sweet grass and invites me back for the Sun Dance, to be held that next June. (This I do). Upon leaving I feel a sense of relief, and that White Buffalo Calf Woman's promise, was complete. Nov, 2002, The Huron Wendat go into full production of the pipe. They give it a new name calling it "The Ritual Pipe" their purpose is to popularize…This is a dream come true.

It was told to me that the stem of the pipe reflects male energy, the bowl,; female. When you put the two together, you create a spark. The spark turns into a flame, and purifies what's inside. Then when it is freed in the smoke, there is a perfect balance of male and female energy never to be separated.

D. C. Bianchino Jan 2003

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