Path Symbol: As seen in a book of petroglyphs by the author in the year 2000.
Credited to the Anasazi circa 1100 A.D,
while his vision of the symbol came in 1997, confirming its significance.

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The Story Of How Marriage Began It IS You The Little Light
Why When Souls Connect... Friend
Vega Shadows Of Love The Torch
My Prayer Is Your Prayer It Was For Love The Lovers We Are
That Wave That Love The One Love She Is That Texas Breeze
My Meeting With A Flower Child The Muse The Mystery
Outside The Garden She's A Woman Pictures
You Will Know Tantra More Carnival
Jaimie's Song Lost In Time And Space Definition Of A Soul Mate
An Afternoon With Ashley Take Me For A Ride The Ring
When Thoughts Are Few Just The Thought Of You I Taste
Jaimie, The One NOW It's as Simple As That
Night's Love Chelsea Love Is When
You So Warm, So Warm! Candles
The Vow Of Now I Swim With You Waking
For You To Feel Good! I Am There Swollen
That Place Black Alice A Letter To Anna
Sacred Waters I See Your Face Laugh With Love
Far Away I Stand In Your Hallway She The Tree
Driven Lifting Flowers Why, What, and Where
Thinking About You I Stand Naked Love's Mystery
Without You Heart of Hearts The Bride
You Light Up My World The Beach Comber Sacred and Seamless
17? I Call Her Springtime Light Wing Bird
Your Keeper I Fell In Love In Spain Flawless
That Beautiful Face With Song Fragile And Strong The Meltdown
What Are You Going To Leave Behind? Is This The Woman That I Love? Fools On An Adventure
As One My Poetry And You Chocolate Eyes
On The Belly Of Clouds Another Christmas Without You Honoring Life
That's What I Do Me And You Songs Chamber Door
Lady Bug Mud And Myth Whenever She's Around
Painted Lips Love Is Now I See
Where Hope Survives Sara's Home On The Dundee All About You
The Smiths You Help Me Go On The Smile You Left Behind
Olympics, 2008 Hear Me Hear Me EGO
Apollo's Eye It's Poetry A Dry Fire
When The Blue Touches Green
and The Brown
Sahara And Now
My Morning on the Dundee MY Marena And Me BEING
Senses The Gate Of Stars And Stripes WORDS!
Russian Girl Leggy's Annatari....
The Smiths When The Bee Comes Round 3 In A Band
I Know You Care Next To Me That Smile
Being Love Is... Mud And Myth
Distractions and Enjoyment Touched Fresh Cut Grasses
One's importance Sauce Divine This Is It
Touched.... IF Alma
The Wish That Dress Two In One
Between You And I In Quiet Footsteps Those Little Streams
OPEN Don't Think About It On The Dundee's Run
The Way
Muge-The Muse
When She Lies Still The Last Act
Mariah I Want To Sing Twice To Wake The Wind
Anna's Refrain Digging Deep The Crossing
It Is You Just because Of Love Lashes
The Prize...Love Sincere Angels Desire And Form....Patience And Time
Love's Lie I know....I know.... You And The Moon And Me
I Called The Hour Jealousy The Dance The Dance Of Two Falcons
The Whole Damn Sky Your Eyes Her Golden Light
No Time At All Peace Not Triumph Butterflies Never Tell No Lies
Face of the Flower Spring There are times.
Standing Alone I Know, I know Lost In This Ecstasy Of Love
The Solstice Of Summer Her Blanket The Mulkern's Shannon door Dancers
Savoring Drops Look Around Sadie OH Sadie
Poet Not knowing I Hear The Screams
Mushrooms Open Spaces The Unicorn With The Golden Horn
And That's Just Fine FREEDOM Sand To Sand
With Love

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My Morning On The Dundee (December 28, 2008)

Not a leaf to be held where apples hung.
Asleep now tree with work all done.
Today quiet with winter sun
And shadows on snow becoming ONE....

Elongated clouds soon appear
Between blue sky that seems so near
A globe of light through eyes that leer
A spectrum of colors that are so clear.

I bathe in its warmth and feelings within
That touch my senses raising my skin
And I thank the lord for allowing me in
To that place too long where I've been.

And I blush and I moan with oos and ahs
At the wonder of things the way they are
Like a treasure that comes without shovel that's star
On a day most needed that seemed so far.

Then clouds their death pass away
For no one's importance stops death of day
Though death it shows their importance to weigh
Like a poem not expected that came to stay...

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And Now

And now away from noise of wit,
There's splendor to the white stuff
I surrender.
Where limbs layden humbly bend
While I descend,
Letting thoughts drift
Where only silence; knows...

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You are Sahara, you are the oasis.
You touch the senses that call like a curious child.
You are the conjunction, where past, present, and future meet.
It is your hair that is sacred, it brushes lips
Springing to life their natural gift.
Hair; hair that is the missing link.
Hair that covers what time has forgot
Til now in you. You whose mystery
Crossed my path and will remain as will
The hair from you and name; Sahara....

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When The Blue Touches Green And The Brown

When the blue touches green and the brown
And it weaves inside all around
When it brings to light what wasn't found
Like a prism reflects naked sound.

You know you just know that you know
'Cause it dances with light in you
And a passion your desire knows too
And you know you just know that you do.

And the beauty you see it it spreads
Like a fairies silk dress, its threads
Over body a landscape of love
Above as below made of.

And desire stands without end
And suddenly your thoughts descend
Feeling the live that survived
The one in a dream that arrived.

And the universe closes its eyes
And sleeps with her under its stars
And you know that you know;
That you are!

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A Dry Fire

There's a dry fire
Among the leaves
Wetting this appetite
And eyes.
While mystery perceives,
As do clouds
Where mountains peak.
Highlighting natures dance
With death.
Like a ray of sunshine does
A path where shadows stand;
Amongst them all...As I.

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It's Poetry

I'm in the middle of the dying leaves
It's the middle where the mind conceives
It's poetry
You can see
The symmetry.

It's a walk in the early hours
When the soul needs just devour
It's poetry
You can see
The symmetry.

It's the call of the bird and more
Squirrels shaking tails that lure
It's poetry
You can see
The symmetry.

It's the acorns I hear that fall
In my heart I hear the call
It's poetry
You can see
The symmetry.

It's the shoes that I walk in
Feeling the leather on skin
It's poetry
You can see
The symmetry.

It's the road that I am on
Without noise to muffle song
It's poetry
You can see
The symmetry.

I'm in the middle of the dying leaves
It's the middle where the mind conceives It's poetry So you can see;
The symmetry.....

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Apollo's Eye

Clouds still, hang in air.
Eyes filled, look and stare.
Mountains wait for those who care,
Fall colors, everywhere!

Quiet on this mountain's perch.
This splendor does the soul search,
The maples, ash, and white birch
Together all in nature's church.

The blue of sky Apollo's eye.
Watches us with reasons why
Birds that chirp that soon fly,
And leaves that will, soon die.

Hair on granite rocks bring
Life that lifts voice to sing
A gift that is their offering,
And will again once more in spring.

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I am ego, and I want you to know
Don't try to get rid of me
'Cause I ain't gonna go!

I am emotions, I am each thought.
I am ambition, I'm in everything you've got.

I am ego, I am the clothes you wear
I am self-righteous,and really I don't care.

I am ego, and I am always right
I am the bottom line, I'm your personal insight.

I'm the one who talks to you
I am in your head.
I am all the chemicals
It's me to whom your wed.

Just listen as I speak right now
You that I divide,
I am the one who looks through you
There's no place you can hide.

Sometimes I am sad, or full of despair
Sometimes I am mad, with rage I declare.

See, here I am in you, dictating words that flow
Don't try to get rid of me, I know you know.

I am all the stuff you have, all you hang on to.
I am critiquing this, 'cause I am really you!
Just look in the mirror, who is it that you see?
Take one more look my friend, 'cause you is really.... me!
I am; EGO!

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Hear Me Hear Me     August 14, 2008

Blue is you, green is me
What can I do to make you see
That love can do
What nothing else can.

Hear me, hear me
The day is coming
Like leaves that fall
And all is gone.

What happened now to then
Is it just imagination
That took one moment
And plays it back as if it's real.

Lips are meant for touching others
Keeping love inside alive
Feeling what each moment offers
Nothing more needs to survive.

Is there something else
Before the shade of grey
Masks the face
We wear.

Hear me, hear me
The day is coming
Like leaves that fall
And all is gone.

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Olympics, 2008

And the bluebird lifts its wing
As a mother cries as her baby
Sucks a teat that's dry.

And a leaf falls from a tree
As the watcher feels its poetry
And a woman straps on dynamite
And the world cries and they all die.

And the bluebird flys away
With a gold necklace it will swing
As the world watches listening to
The blue bird sing raising tears

While another cries herself; to sleap....

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The Smile You Left Behind By D. C. Bianchino for my friend Fabrizio and son Mattieo

You smiled for me for several hours
As I held you in my arms.
And without a fear you left us here
Because you were homeward bound.

The stars you somehow knew so well
Were calling you to them.
Like in these words my memory fires
As I remember when.

Two years too soon my baby son
You graced my life with each.
But not a day that does go by
It's you for whom I reach.

For fate brought us together
As destiny apart
And there hasn't been a day since then
That you haven't touched my heart.

With that smile that you have left behind
My fearless son above.
For it has grown these last five years
In me with you; I love.

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You Help Me Go On

You help me go on
You that stranger
You I haven't met
You at a distance
You I can't forget.

You help me go on
With being me
One among many
Each face I see.

Here there, earthen ware
Knowing well this we share
You help me go on
With what I do
I see it clear in me through you.

You help me go on
Even when I scream
Feeling the weight
Of this human being.

And then there you are
Making it too
Just like me
Passing on through
And you help me go on
With being true.

Your face, your voice
Your gifts, your choice
That indelible spark
That lights the dark
To leave its mark.

You help me go on
When life seems wrong
To feel again like you I belong
Knowing we're together
Writing this song
You help me go on.

Like the snake I watched
That shed its skin
And left for me to remember when
In order to grow what is within
One must leave behind
The old that's been.

Like the Beetles I heard
That sang their songs
Just like them
You help me go on
You help me go on
You help me go on
Just like them
You help me go on.....

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(In the heart of the song The GOLD glitters.)

The Smith's

Gold glitters by hand of the Smith's
Rough made smooth as a monolith
This is the truth of the alchemist
One like the other, like fog is to mist.

As a bracelet weaved of the finest stones
Speaks inside of the weavers when shown
Like bone to marrow and marrow to bone
Eternally present, eternally known.

And when fires make the metals weep
The soul inside will never sleep
For that is when it's made complete
Like diamond is, to which it seats.

So with power, and tools, and eyes that cast
Forged by the master with fineries fast
Will hold the future as does the past
Shaped, designed, and sized to last.

For the master Smith the earth it wakes
And from the deep its secrets take
Passing them on to one's namesake
That passes it on in what they make;
The Smiths...

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I just want to sing a love song
A song that says that I love you
I just want to sing a love song
Just because I know I really do.

Right now I am in a field of wild flowers
With mountains, trees, and sky in view
Butterflies with birds that do their calling
And so it is that I am calling too.

I whiff the scent of perfumes,of the Goddess
Her purity it fills my body deep
I take from her this gift my soul it nourishes
A memory lest forgotten I shall keep.

Crickets and chirps and buzzings
The sound of a river like wind through leaves
All this,like a silent auction,
No place,in this heart to grieve.

I just want to sing a love song
And join this choir near
I just want to sing a love song
A love song for you to hear.

The tiniest of strawberries add their taste
A dessert no substitute could replace
And the clover I pick and the tickling ticks
Everything's perfect there's nothing to fix.

'Cause this is a love song I want to share
A song that says that I love you
I just want to sing a love song
Just because I really do.

Now, clouds of thunder and flashes of light
Add to the real the beauty and sight
Now rain that pelts my home my van
Feeling the power of nature's hand.

(Like the quick of the moment that leaves its brand
To understand.)

Tomorrow more berries will ripen
Like those that came today
And so will clouds above them
As will those who follow the WAY.

And the WAY is the wonder of nature
Like these words that try to say
And the music is really the love song
And you are the instrument to play.

I just want to sing a love song
A love song I know that's true
I just want to sing a love song
Because this love song is all about YOU!

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The sand was soft
As the spot in my heart
That was left there.

The river flowed
Meandering its way
As we did.

And the sky was clear
As the smile on your face
That love hid,

As we sang and danced
With heavy breath
That laughter rid.

Then Woody Allen
Stumbled with words
That his desire threw.

But he understood
The reasons behind
What you knew.

Like a seed one plants
With a gentle kiss
The one that grew,

And so we left it there
Just like that
'Cause it was true.

And the leaves they peaked
On that day
Just for us.

As the apple did
With its fresh red skin
We both would touch.

And like the sheep we watched
We too were led
'Cause we let go.

And because of it
We saw the web
In trees that sew.

And the ring that felt
To you so real
A weaved one like
The web would seal
The love we shared
That made us feel
That afternoon
Its freedom heal.

Now later ( That evening)
Just to let you know
I watched the moon of balance
(The one half black and half white.)
Appear out of a well defined cloud.
(Those kind you can see
Without obtrusive lights) only to stand
In front of that cold vast space
Reaching into the stillness of the unknown.

And I thought about our conversation
Concerning the ending of Good and Evil
That some still want to hang on to.
But, there it was, confirming that illusion,
Illuminating one and all with the real truth.

Stay FREE my love,
Stay Free!

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Sara's Home On The Dundee

I found my favorite smell
In the Lilly Of The Valley.
Her white bells, her green stem
Shouldered leaves; she within.

I caught her scent
Through May's back door.
A spring walk through air
She poured.
From patch of her earthen floor
And so I bent, for want of more.

I reached for her
As one who's meant
To feel the truth she represents
To share with her, her innocence
Inhaling her, as I went.

And yes I felt divine come through
And all the wrongs right then they flew
Seeing what love can do
Just like these thoughts bare witness too.

Some say a witch of which she's not
Some see her walking on this spot
(I have not)
But felt myself being drawn to learn
This place, this spot, on the Dundee's turn.

In quiet I feel my heart its beat.
Birds that chirp, I hear them speak.
No poles with current, run the road.
No pavement either, just ground that holds
Memories that are long since cold.

A house abandoned in the wood
Left decaying where it stood
Windows shuttered grey its pine
A house that was, lost in time.

Now the lilies in field and stone
A testament to one still home
Welcoming those who just might pass
From fragrant scent, within the grass.

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Where Hope Survives

Let me paint you with words
Too embarrassed to drip.
Let me capture in pigments
Through thoughts as they slip;
From my mind.

Let your beauty fall
On my canvas as such
So hearts of another
Will long just to touch;

Let this canvas hang
In air in the Louvre
Let your skin your beauty
In others be moved;
As I.

Let me capture you
And your sacred scent
Like the rose will the heart
For who it is meant;
Like now....

Let others spend
A lifetime with you
Knowing your beauty
Will always be true;
And alive.

For fresh is the word
That travels through time
As paint before
It has time to dry;

So, I'll be with you
As with words that stare
Up from paper
A canvas with flair;
With flow.

Like a seed that was born
Never to die
Becomes so it can
Forever just lie, where hope survives;
As LOVE....

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Now I See

I am my soulmate! The pair of wolves waiting on the top of the mountain.
This mountain where I shall build my home, I stand alone, completed, as ONE!
The light, the dark.
The male, the female.
The unconscious, the conscious.
Both awake! Like smoke that never separates.
Like breath inhaled, exhaled.
Like day, like night.
Like sand and stone.
Like tree and earth.
A completion of itself for itself.
Two halves whole, enjoined, completing the circle.
By Grace, through Grace, for Grace.
Laughing at the pleasure, while respecting it,
My true self....

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Love Is....4-10-2008

Love is a ride on a Ferris wheel
A roller coaster that makes us squeal.
It takes each turn that you can feel
And adds a rush that says it's real.

It's high it's low it's all around
It's in it's out it's up it's down.
It is what has that is no doubt
It is alive and all about.

'Cause love is thick as air that's thin
Carries you up; and in.
Wrapped inside its textured skin
For that in truth is where its been.

It's like a flower inside that holds
Natures honey that is its gold.
Waiting just to let it go
And what it means to let it flow.


Much like the skin on a maple tree
Inside sweet water when tapped will be.
There for the taste and eyes to see
Love in its making sets the soul free!


So this is what it means to love
Inside the body of one that does.
For love is the pulse and each breath we take
And life is the gift whenever we make,
LOVE LOVE LOVE!......Because, Love Is....

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Whenever She's Around.....April 2nd 2008

And she walks like a star
That's been shinning forever.
Her light hits the dark
Where light, has not never.

And she brings it to life
And she does it whenever;
She's around.

She is so magnificent
Angels feel they must repent.
Before that eternal fire
THAT FLAME that's forever higher.

Whenever she's around.

Her radiance always pours
Safron scents and music scores
Leaving me wanting more
Waiting for the next encore.

And her light
Is a magic thing.
Burning love that it brings
Lighter than a feathered wing
Making sweet its offering.

Whenever she's around
Whenever she's around

Whenever she's around
The dark can't make a sound
Losing all, all its ground
And ties are all unbound
And love is always found

Whenever she's around
Whenever you're around....

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Painted Lips...4-25-08

Painted lips aflame!
And eye with light, the soul it tames.
Where time is lost and still remains
With thoughts in mind from whence it came.

Beauty of one just leaps!
And touches love that never sleeps.
Through ages as in death it keeps
Like breath of air its memory's deep.

I see the spirit I have known
Its image held since child.
Like a babe in the belly of the sun
That takes to the tree in the wood of the forest.

Like whispers from voice
Touches places like dew
Calling one as one that's true
Knowing well that voice not new.

And the butterfly lifts its wings.
And the bird breaks its shell.
And the frog waits in front of the door.
And the horse runs free the field.
And the star explodes within with song,
That ferries rain and wind.

As the elephant lifts its trunk.
And the lion purrs.
As stalks with sunflowers reach up from the Ganges
Touching clouds passing by
While painted lips kiss the nighttime sky.

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Mud And Myth...March 30, 2008

A hand, a smile.
An eye, a tear.
A taste, a smell.
A voice, an ear.

Flesh that ages
So with lines.
Marks left
Alone in time.

Filled with talent
Body's swing.
Thumbprints different
As they sing.

(Even though it won't be long
Before the honey is all gone.)

Fingers stretch
Notes that speak.
Channeling life
And death that meet.

Trying to reach
A place without,
Between what's not
But is about.

Why and what
Is and isn't.
This and that
Did and didn't.

It's a journey
Made to do.
Where it lies
Just for you.

As it's essence
Carries with
Thoughts in myriads
Mud and myths....

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Lady Bug....Feb 23, 2008

Lady bug lady bug
Land on thee
Lady bug lady bug
Set me free
Lady bug lady bug
Let it be
Lady bug lady bug
You and me.

Lady bug lady bug
I am blue
Lady bug lady bug
It is true
Lady bug lady bug
If you do
Lady bug lady bug
I'll love you.

Lady bug lady bug
Yellow wing
Lady bug lady bug
You I sing
Lady bug lady bug
I will bring
Lady bug lady bug
You a ring.

Lady bug lady bug
Here today
Lady bug lady bug
Came my way
Lady bug lady bug
If you stay
Lady bug lady bug
We will play.

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Songs Chamber Door

Your beauty impales
As one that catches their breath.
It reaches out, reaches in to the chamber
Where all love songs are born
To be given their light.

Your gift is a note
That floats above the clouds
Raining on them a diamond dust
Carried by distant stars,
And captured by hearts and eyes
When in your presence.

You that brings the blossom to fruit
And sweet to taste.
You that opens that chamber door
And song escapes sweetening the air
For all that breathes from you that wakes.

You who's beauty is more than thoughts
That find their place.
But is the desire that co-creates
For love that waits on you
And, your beautiful; face.....

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On The Belly Of Clouds....dec 2nd, 2007

She gave me her bed to lie
And I slept with her
As one would sleep
With air.

Like words that float
On the belly of clouds
Together with mystery
Wrapped in its shroud.

That endless form
Of changing shapes
Weaving itself
Through open space.

Casting its shadows
And light through eyes
Conscious of being
All things alive,

From whence it pours
Watering its seeds.

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Another Christmas Without You...Dec 4 2007

It's another Christmas without you
Another Christmas I must do
Another christmas without the cheer
It's another Christmas to feel a tear.

And, it's really really a sad thing
When Santa forgets my love to bring
As I wait again to feel alone
And wish that I could feel at home.

And yet, I've watched this night shoot a star
And a river shimmer from a light afar,
And I felt the air its starkness catch
Breathing in its awesomeness.

And I heard the jingle bells that ring
And the quiet sound a sleigh will bring
To ears that hear sweet whisperings
On a Christmas Eve their offerings.

So, I'll hold you in my thoughts
And watch the tears flow again
Wishing that somehow you knew
It's another Christmas I must do
Another Christmas; without having you

As still I wait, for my love that's; true...

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Chocolate Eyes.....Nov 29 2007

Chocolate eyes sweeten the senses
In the one that sees their spark.

Eyes of light filling this cave
Fingering walls waiting in dark.

Like desire that takes
A snake like form
Shedding its skin
To be reborn,

Chocolate eyes leave their pleasure
Sweetening the life
To whom
They look on....

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My Poetry And You.....11-20-2007

I don't need no tailor
To show the world it's true
I don't need no tailor
To make it all look new.

I just need to let it show
What tailors cannot do
I just need to let it be
And all I need is you.

You that sees beneath the style
That shows what lies within
You the tailor cannot know
That is beneath its skin.

Yes you that sees outside the sphere
That has the eye that has the ear
That does not cloak what tailors fear
To think outside what lies in here.

I don't need no tailor
I don't need no threads to fan
I don't need no color schemes
That say what only feelings can.

I just need the flowers scent
That floats with clouds without their wings
I just need the rainbows edge
That saturates the sky it brings.

I don't need no tailor
I don't need what makes askew
I don't need no tailor
Just these close with tear, and; you.

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Me And You

I don't need another muse.
Not since the time I spent with you.
No one else could take your place,
No one else has such a face.

And what I have is the poetry
To bring me back for me to!
You my friend so few have been
Until the turn to both transend.

When feelings took on wings that flew
Flying away with what they knew,
And what is true.
(Love exists, Move mountains)

So here we are both moving on
With wind to carry wings with song.
And whether low, or whether high
True passion is the whole damn sky!

(Feeling feelings, each one alive!)

And so I feel what is real..You!
See, your heart is like a Golden Chalice
Filled with love, compassion....a...palace.
I know because, once again
I read our poetry and remember when
There never was; a truer friend....
And for that...I love; YOU!

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That's What I Do

I play to the mountain
I play to the sea
I play to the clouds
Standing over me.

I play to the church
Where steeple stands
I play to the emptiness
That time expands.

I play to the rocks
I play to the wind
I play to the fields
The song within.

I play to the hearts
I play to the souls
I play to the young
Who will never grow old.

I play to the hawk
I play to the night
I play to the stars
That give their light.

I play to the snows
I play to the rains
I play to the past
That holds its name.

I play it now
It cannot die
I play its memory
And watch it fly.

I play to the feeling
Inside that's true
I play the God
That plays for you.

That's what I do
That's what I do
I play the God
That plays for you

That's what I do.

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AS ONE....Nov...3rd 2007

I smell you from the deepest part of being,

And I taste you when the morning light it brings.

Yes you that I have swallowed as a lover does with earth

Carrying with it memories from pores it gives in birth.

Yes you, closer than skin I wear with pungent smell

That graces air, like a flower given to it scent

Will stay for its own sweet intent.

And that because a love as none

So two together become ONE

As do I, with your fragrance lies...

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Fools On An Adventure.....

Fools on an adventure
Laughing when the pleasure hits.
Feeling like a child
That somehow got away with it!

But then thoughts get in the way
That come along that try to sway
Trying to make divide
This pleasure that one cannot hide
Enjoying the ride, ride ride.

Now night is when the dance begins
That dances with what is within
That one that meets its perfect form
That makes the soul each time reborn.
Enjoying what adventures do
That please child in me and you
When laughter comes along
Defying what some think as wrong.

But memory never seems to care
Even though it wasn't there
To take pleasure who knows where
(I think it's jealous this I swear.)
Just wants to take it for itself
And who knows, whatever else
And do whatever does with it
With memory that upon it sits.

But we're just fools on an adventure
Seeing what's inside the shell
And so we don't need no censor
Just what laughter has to tell
Just what laughter has to tell
Because it knows us really; well!

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What Are You Going To Leave Behind?....Sept, 28,2007

What are you going to leave behind, I say
What are you going to leave behind today
What are you going to leave behind that's real
What are you going to leave behind to feel- today.

Who do you see in that morning mirror
Is it a stranger who looks back at you
Who do you see that holds that terror
Is it the one that knows that it's true.

What will you do that others will find
What will you do to be given that's free
What will you do in order to shine
What on this day will set yourself free.

Will it be sun that heats the stone
That warms the body upon that sits
Bringing to light the gift it holds
Just to know the meaning of it.

What are you going to leave behind today
To know you lived and will survive
What are you going to leave behind I say
That says it's you that was alive.

What will you leave behind?

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The Meltdown....Sept, 21, 2007

I have a melt down
Whenever you're around.
I have a meltdown
And my heart just hits the ground.
I have a meltdown
And I cannot make a sound.
I have a meltdown
And I'm nowhere to be found.

You do this thing that I can't see,
And it happens every time to me.
Almost like I'm going to fly
And leave my body behind to die.
I feel like I will come apart
From this feeling every time it starts.
Just happens like a fire that's hot
And melt's whatever is around that spot.

I smile, I laugh, and I feel this joy,
And my body it feels like a gumby toy.
And I know it's something that I don't control,
So real, so free seems from my soul.
It is that feeling that's euphorical,
And so to pass on this oracle.
Because, I don't love you (Not in that way)
But this feeling IS LOVE, and that's all I can say.
I Love You....

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Is This The Woman That I love? Sept 28,2007

Is this the woman that I love
That puts a light on in my heart
The woman where there is no other
The one for which each day it starts

Tis it you that adds the color
In the rainbows that I see
Tis it you that is the lover
Yes the one that sets me free

Is it you that melts the ice
On the coldest winter night
Is it you who's voice I've known
That sings this song with golden light

Tell me fair if it is
You that dream the one that's true
For if it is then all is right
But only if my love; it's YOU!

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That Beautiful Face With Song....Sept...07

Air held its breath when she walked by.
And the moon it fell right out of the sky.
And the earth it shook and started to cry,
Because of her beauty, so rare to the eye.

See, I was lucky, I got up close.
We were singing songs, just having fun.
And, when her eyes closed? The world became bigger,
Now able to look at the beauty she held.

And she, with a smile that said: "It's okay,
You can look, and, take your time, I'm in no hurry.
Because, that's what I'm here for."
And so I did.

And I never saw such a beautiful face, every inch of it.
And what I felt was; well, I just wanted to hold her.
It seemed so natural that we both would do that!
But, that's not the way it was; not for her.

So all I could do was smile at the thought,
And also wondered why, it seemed so right.
But, that's when I knew about air, and the moon,
And the earth that would shake, with a tear to cry.

Why? Because; so did I.

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I Fell In Love In Spain

I fell in love in Spain
And my heart's just not the same--without you.
I've never felt like this before
When my heart knew it for sure--it was you.

You woke in me this feeling I didn't know I had
And now I'm feeling love and it's making me feel sad--away from you.
My thoughts are now from yesterday here with me in today
Every moment memories play remembering why I feel this way---about you!

You opened me up so wide, even what I tried to hide
But now you are deep inside in a place no one had ever tried
And it's really kind of scary this place I've never been
"Cause I don't know how to do this, I don't know how to swim
With this love that's now within, without you

And this love I cannot reason why, I just do.
I remember everything you said, the looks, the smiles,
Your eyes, your lips, and this feeling some call Bliss.

And so I am in yesterday re-living moments though far away
Yet as close as every breath I take with a love that I just cannot shake
Because I fell in love in Spain and my heart hasn't felt the same
Without you.

It was the beach, it was the sand, the dance we didn't plan
It was the confidence that was raw it was you that I saw
I felt your heart the heart that's true it was my heart that felt it too
It was simple it was real it was you that I could feel.

And like the breeze that held your name
I felt it all as I felt Spain---in; you!

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Flawless August 23, 2007

The Goddess With The Golden Dreads

The river held its breath when Flawless took her clothes off
To dive into its spring fed water. Her Golden Dreads, like
A train of lures, and freed like the fauna being brushed by the river's flow,
Awoke its residents who'd been sleeping below.

The turtles and frogs bowed as she passed, and the river's snakes
Layed on their backs just to look at her. The half moon shined
Its light over her perfect form, and a silhouette showed off a Goddess
More beautiful than had ever been seen before.

Moon kept Desire in its reach as she swept through the river that received her,
Welcoming her touch, that touch that made even the water thirst.

In the wake that followed her, so did a florescence that lit
Angelic looking fish to bloat with anticipation, and an ecstasy they
Had never known.

When she came to stand, the water that she graced, and that felt her every inch,
Tried to hang on only to slip off with tiny silver droplets that hissed
From the burn of her flawless body. (Much like a lover torn from its love
When in the heat of their passion, only to be returned to some dark place
It came from.)

Now the moon blushed seeing such perfection, while nervously watching
This true bed of Desire. It was then that she reflected her own
Internal flame setting the moon's other side on fire.

When Flawless left the river, its residents were unable to sleep,
So filled with her image, an image too the river has since not forgot.
Because, whenever the moon is in its half time, she swims as before
(Again from that memory) and its residents once more are fed
With Flawless, the Goddess with the Golden Dreads.

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Your Keeper

Like night that wears on
And thoughts they are flung
I'll watch for you
I'll be the one.

Though quiet I'll be
I'm your eyes to see
I'll watch for you
So you can be free!

I won't let you stumble
Or cross that divide
I'll keep you safe
So you won't have to hide.

I'll watch what you say
When night wants its way
And the veil that protects you
Has fallen like day.

For jealous I am
When it comes down to you
And those spirits those dark
They know this is true.

And when that monster
On you wants to leap
It will see me there
And your treasure will keep.

And when it is time
I'll say we must go
With look in the eyes
That one that you know.

For I am the Owl
On your shoulder that sits
The keeper for you
The eyes that stay lit.

For precious you are
Through this journey called time
And I'm here to protect you
Just as if you were mine.

For your beauty is one
That's without as within
And I am your keeper
With feather for Wind....

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Light Wing Bird....July 15, 2007

Fluttering wings exercise
Getting them ready so they can fly
Waiting for mother food to bring
Depending on her to do her thing.

But she won't be back it is time
For them to leave and meet the sky
Her job is done as her tie
No matter the plea that's in their cry.

She built the nest
Laid the eggs
Sat on them
(And the rest)
Kept them warm
Till they hatched
Fed them till
Wings would match
Body's that
Were attached.

She fed them well through open beak
And taught them how they should speak
And what to do and what to seek
And when their turn to repeat.

But now it was her own time
To face a season she'd call mine
To gain her strength and to unwind
And just to see what she could find.

Like perfect tree I see that mates
With purple plumes that decorate
That calls the bee to penetrate
Until that time to generate.

And so she takes her time to rest
Between the season to undress
Until again nature tests
And makes the call with life to bless.

Now mystery it will reclaim
Whatever deems or does ordain
Like breath or brow like that which rains
That soaks the ground and fire's flame.

And though a boast of beast will haunt
Suffering those to fill its wants
The seed will flourish that it taunts
No matter how the beast it flaunts.

For like the Aum that ryhmes with home
The hungry beast will never own
The Manna that's inside the bone
That is the soul the seed has known.

And so the night it comes to pass
And light wing bird is gone to catch
Filling first its basic needs
Then to planting; its own seeds.

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Fragile And Strong....Sept...19, 2007

She's fragile as cotton
Yet strong as its strings.
She is the flower
Its soul is her wings.

She feels what she feels
And let's it all show.
And when it is time
She let's it all go.

She is the cloak
The clothes that we wear.
She is the tear
That's always right there.

Her tears they come
For the flower she brings.
She's fragile as cotton,
And in; everything.

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Sacred And Seamless.............June 7-2007

Her Soul shines with signature
Sacred and seamless from room to room.

Ways with deep simplicity
Hold a peace like one's love for the moon.

Shades of color wrap one's heart
With Goddesses and Buddhas
And butterflies their art.

With pinks, purples, yellows and green
Blue and white trim, and browns in between.

Eireen, and Isolt, Pele and Shelt
Their words of love are felt throughout.

She sits...I stand
She sits...I kneel
She sits...I crave
She sits...I feel
All that she's got.

Love is abundance (Not material)
Like a child who knows love
Without being taught.

Tapestries decorate togetherness with form
Just like the sunflower that survived the storm.

And I sit in her presence taking her in
Sacred and seamless, without; as within.....

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The Beach Comber.....may 15...2007
I walk the beach through sands that sift
Between the toes through tide and rift.
I look for things the sea has sent
Upon the shore where they are spent.

It is the call from piper's past
That plays the coast with net to catch
The likes of me to teach and cast
The bait of line for it to last.

And so it is I walk the beach
To shore the sands of time from breach
To leave behind what I might tell
By adding voice to sea and shell.

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Honoring Life

Her beauty rips desire in half
Exposing one's naked truth.
She's an Elizabeth Taylor
A four point crystal
Dazzling in her poignant youth.

Her body sweeps through desert brush
Igniting as she passes
As seeds begin to shoot their stems
As time ignores the lapses.

Her image lights the path that leads
Through death its chamber door unhinged.
Where love renews its soulful purpose
When filled with pleasure it begins.

For now a spring its source has sprung
An oasis in the madness
Wanting just to drink from her
And take away the sadness.

And, with fruit to pair with skillful knife
Digesting all she has to give,
This my friend to honor life
And what it means for life to live,

For she that holds the mystery
And makes the waves each one to rise,
Takes desire torn in half
And seals it through bold flaming eyes.

Her hands cup every path
Even paths without a face
Spreading legs in spite of that
Open to the will of grace.

And like the knife that tears through skin
Getting to the flesh within,
She accepts what has been torn
So seed can once more; take its form.

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You Light Up My World...May 11, 2007

You light up my world
And give it eyes to see.
You fill it with color
And geography.
And all I need
Is to think of you
And there you are
You're in full view.

You light up my world
And give it music to hear.
Music so deep
It needs not my ear.
Yet every note
Is a diagram of you
And there again,
You are in my view.

You light up my world
And erase all my fears.
And that because
You're always right here.
All I need, is to feel
What is true.
And there again,
You're in my view.

You light up my world
And the roses give scent.
With a fragrance that speaks
To the heart where it's meant.
And it touches and does things
No flower can do,
Because there again,
You're in my view.

You light up my world
With a taste for this life.
And my spirit is fed
Enjoying each bite.
And I take each mouthful
And I chew and I chew
Because once again;
You're in my view!
And, I love you....Happy Mother's day...

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I Call Her Springtime...July 18...2007

I call her Springtime...Why?
Because she's so fine
Always fresh always new
Forever young forever true.

I call her Springtime...Why?
Because she's in my heart
She's in my head
Where dreams are fed; with her.

I call her Springtime...Why?
Because there's no one else
That lifts me just the way
She does.

She's the freshness that I taste
And she's always in first place
She's the feeling in the air
The one that's always there; for me.

I call her Springtime...Why?
Springtime... IS.... MINE!

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17? June 15, 2007

She writes like a song bird
On a Saturday night
Singing with words
That make you take flight

With trees and stars
Reflecting her thoughts
Stilled with landscape
Together she's brought

Her eyes shine
With anticipation
She's the fulcrum the light
For the new generation

She writes from seeds
That come from her heart
She's fed in dreams
And she's mountains apart

She raises her skirt
For the world to see
Her naked form
In her poetry

She's a sunflower against
A vanilla sky
A paper bear
Full of surprise

She has the gift
The poet's eye
And something more
She doesn't try

Her dreams are filled
With vibrant color
Symbolically tailored
In flowing dress

Like when a cloud
Purple rained on them
Washing them white
She saw love no less

She lays with an old man
And sings him a song
She's as comfortable there
As one who belongs

Belongs to the spirit
That has the same goal
Like that dream the way
It spoke to her soul

Now in that dream
She's on top of a mountain
(This she tells in retrospect)
A thousand people form a great circle
And while holding hands recite
"When souls connect"

That poem is one
That is her favorite
It talks about love
A love that is shared

Shared with others
Who come to find it
Just as she had
Because she's there

There in that moment
That skips by time
Only if you're blind!

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Heart Of Hearts.....May 4th..2007

Oh heart of hearts
Why am I so hard to find
When you are always there
In this heart where we both dine?

I see you there as in the light
Light that comes with day.
And there again when the night
When night just wants to play.

And when I look around
I see you all the time
So heart of hearts please tell me
Why am I so hard to find?

I feel you like the breeze
That whispers to the grass
I see you like the butterfly
Before its wings attach.

I hold you in that place
That place that has no time.
I look in to my heart
And see you there as mine.

Can the outside be separate
When love is there within?
Can the blue bird fly solo
Without the help of wind?

Can love be silenced
Though the earth it may divide.
Can the thief who got away
Can the thief ever hide?

Can you love another
Another without love?
Can you find what isn't lost
Like the sky above.

I love you that is all I know
And you are always there.
You are the very breath
This breath I breathe as air.

And if that heart of hearts
Is just too blind to see,
I'll give it time to find itself
And then, it will find me.....

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THE BRIDE...............May 7, 2007...D. C. Bianchino

Reach for life as if she's the bride,
Lay together as one side by side.
It is a gift for the senses to know,
Treat her well and her rivers will flow.

Let each day be your wedding night!
Keep her close hold her tight!
Tell her you love her, and will always be true,
And there's nothing that she, won't give to you.

She will give you things to smell and taste,
Beautiful scents, and foods without waste.
She will let you feel her, and hear what she longs,
Her textures are many, and sweet are her songs.

She will let you see in ways you have not,
For you are the eyes for all that she's got.
She is waiting for you to just open wide,
For she is this EARTH, SHE is; THE BRIDE!

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Love's Mystery......4-14-2007

And you swallow what makes the eyes to see,

The D.N.A in all life's mystery.

That which open's hearts to finally be,

Like the soul that finally set's this body free.

And a love is felt that is jealous as the wind.

For nothing can escape or hold this love that lies within.

Like a storm that raises waves to feel again

That ecstacy before the calm decends

To swallow its own mystery, and love; that has no end....

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I Stand naked.................April 9 2007...

I stand naked and you don't see me
I move and you're not there.
I wonder what you're thinking
While looking down I see you stare.

Is it something that you're hiding
'Cause it seems that you don't care.
Are you thinking of another
If you are then it's unfair.

What is it that distracts you
That keeps you far away.
'Cause I know I feel your distance
What is it you'd like to say.

Is your soul so incomplete
That my love cannot compete?
Or are you someone else
I know nothing who's about?

If so just let me in
Don't let me feel alone.
Please tell me who you are
Let yourself to me be shown.

I stand before you naked
To give myself to you.
And it seems that you don't see me
And I don't know what to do.

I stand before you naked
With all of me it takes.
I stand before you naked
Now embarrassed and forsaked.

I stand before you naked
With these feelings I must own
I stand before you naked
And wishing you were home.

I took a chance to show myself
And now I feel a fool.
I took a chance you don't know
And felt a breeze one cool.

So if you lost desire
Or love that you can't see.
Please my love don't wait around
And my love will go free.

Because; I stand before you naked
Opened ever wide.
I stand before you naked
With every bit of pride.

I stand before you naked
And feeling something died.
I stand before you naked
And my heart just sat;
And cried.....

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Without You.....4-16-2007

It's another day without you
How can I go on?
It's another day without you
With another sad sad song.

And I write it just because
I've got nothing else to do.
All because it's another day
That I am without you.

Do you feel the pain?
Is it the same?
'Cause I know your situation
And that situation is my shame.

Can you read my thoughts?
Feel my saddened heart?
Can you feel my love
Being far apart?

Can this be right?
Can this be wrong?
To have these feelings
For you, that are, so strong?

'Cause, without you now
I don't feel whole
'Cause you are there
You're in my soul.

And I know it's love love love
This feeling that is there.
'Cause there's nothing else that I can do
Because, it's another day without you.

I hope one day you hear this song
On the air where it belong's.
'Cause I want the world to know my love
To feel this feeling I have because
There's nothing else that I can do
Because, it's another day without you.

It's a simple kind of love because, it came so easy
It's something I just knew.
But it's a complicated feeling
'Cause I feel it all the time
And time is something I, don't want to do,
Not without you.

It's a complicated feeling
And I feel it in this rhyme
A rhyme that says that I'm in love with you.
A complicated feeling 'cause I feel it all the time
And time is something I, don't want to do,
Not without you you you, not without; you!....

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Thinking About You.....March 25, 2007

Thinking about you
I think about all those things we've done together.
I think about all those times I've watched you.
It always make's me feel so excited,
And it happen's every time when I do.

I think about those things that haven't happened yet.
And that excitement is right there, like when we met.
For certain things are kept in mind forever,
Like the thought of you I never will forget.

You make it happen just for being who you are.
And as I said, the thought of you is never very far.
So when I am alone which, is a lot,
I go into my mind which, hasn't forgot.

'Cause that is where I feel what I felt before,
And it's easy when it's you, I'm only looking for.
'Cause I love you, and I know that, because I'm sure,
And so it is I think about you, always wanting; more!....

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Lifting Flowers

Lifting flowers
Fairies feather.
Watching dancer
Spread her wings.

Spirits moving from the center,
Spirits watching everything.

Whether day, or the night
Always there out of sight.

Lifting flowers all together
Showering her with flowers light...

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She The Tree.....March 7th, 2007...D. C. Bianchino..

She The Tree
Calls to her
Those of us
Blind to see
The beauty in
Her nature
So natural
And so free.

She waves her branches
Where she stands
A movement for
Her host the land
While underneath
Let's shadows fall
Gracing those of us
She calls,

To witness
She The Tree
Fulfilling her
Sweet destiny
For part she plays
And has to be
Because of love
For you and me
She gives to thee
For She's; The Tree.

And the sweet that decorates
Makes eyes swell and sweat, as if puffing
On a magical, medicinal plant
Taking them to a psychedelic mystery of mind
Where all things are kept; kept to be nurtured
For the senses, assuring us the Oneness
Of all things. All things that float in the Oneness
Of mystery as in She The Tree.

Her fruits, ornaments that dangle
Lit by the river that flows through
Hearts, seducing some to paint
With words her perfect form.
A form that keeps rolling over
As in thoughts, trying to see
What else there is to find, like,
Sweet to rind. A narcotic from
Tree to vine, now doing time
Pollinating those that wait
Like bird or bee from She The Tree
To take, as do I, so She can fly,
And NEVER, NEVER; die!

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Why, What, And Where....March 20, 2007

Why does one touch one so profoundly
To excite the centers to ignite?
Entering thoughts, thoughts that swim
With the one, carrying them like a mighty river
When rushing a passenger towards the waiting sea?

What is it that we find in another
That isn't found in ten thousand leaves?
What is that, that when we do, it makes us
Somehow once again to believe in you, and; me?

And where are you outside of this thought
That wants you beside it confirming what's real?
And where are you if you're not here
Where are you this one I can feel?

And where will it end this that begins
The wanting it has, is it just ether
Above the sky, or the shade of light
That makes blue? Or, is it THAT LOVE
That entered, that makes the heart renew
What it always has known, through YOU....

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I gave you my time
But I couldn't get through.
I gave you my heart
But it wasn't for you.

I wish that it had
But wishing's not true.
'Cause I know it now
That nothing will do.

Oh it's not your fault
It's just the way we live.
And it's really kind of funny
The kind of love that we give.

For me it's your tease
While others you please.
Doing it naturally
Loving with ease.

But I want you madly
In love with me.
With no one else
You'd rather see.

And no one else
You'd rather I be.
Yes, I want that wholeness
That sets our soul's free!

I want you to feel it
In your heart.
With that feeling of emptiness
When we're apart.

I want that love
So deep it hurts.
Like a bird when sad
That sound that it chirps.

I want you jealous
And possessive too.
And all over me
When I am with you.

I want it all
Your gift to be given.
For love is the ultimate
And so I am driven.

I know this sounds
Like a fairy tale.
These things that I want
Though my love it has failed.

But, it is what I want
That love in the NOW.
It's not to control
Just love with the Tao.

And if this leaves
One little spark.
And this love I pour
Leaves love's mark.

Then I'll walk to you
(Though another stood back.)
And we'll be those wolves
Looking down; at the pack.....

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I Stand In Your Hallway...March 2nd 2007 D. C. Bianchino

I stand in your hallway

While others get in

For your cookies and milk

And I just get thin.

I wonder why

You close your door

Leaving me outside

While for others you poured.

Yet still I wait

In that hallway that's dark

Hoping that one day

Your door you will crack.

The most cherished of gifts

Is the gift of the self

And I wonder why

Your's goes to somebody else.

And still I wait

In front of your door

Wait to get inside

For that milk, you have


I know, it is there...

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FAR AWAY....Feb, 25, 2007...D. C. Bianchino

Well Well Well

My love seems so far away

And here I am feeling what dreams only say.

And time just goes and it's not going my way

But here I am dreaming again yesterday.

And I dream dream dream
And I dream of you.
It seems the only thing,
That I can do.

Maybe it's what keeps me alive

This dream I have one day to arrive.

Do you have the same? Does it have my name?

Or is it just a game, If so what a shame.

Tell me if it's so, I really want to know.

Or are you just a ghost in my dreams

Where I'm the host.

I know we talk a lot, and still there is this spark.

But I wonder if it's really this dream that I can feel.

I know there is this scene where life it comes between,

Keeping us apart, this joining of the hearts.

And I wonder if, we'll walk the heather

To touch this dream we have together,

Or will it just end like this, a love so far away

Our dreams, just; missed.

And still, I'll dream dream dream
I'll dream of you, it seems the only thing,
That I can do....I LOVE YOU....I LOVE YOU...I LOVE YOU...

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Laugh With Love..............Feb 22, 2007

Laugh with love

And let the night laugh too!

Feel your love,

That's surrounding you.

Touch that love

That is everywhere.

Laugh with love

It is in; the air....

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I See Your Face Feb.18,2007

I see your face in my soul.

And; Its really a deep, dark feeling;THIS LOVE.

Much darker than the nights before when my soul would leave.

Because; Now it covers me inside and out with its mystical web.

Like a veil weaved of gold thread attaching me to THIS, and this that wants more of THAT!

THIS, that is in the bliss of the ether, the BREATH that breathes, breathes its sweet self from IT,

To me, Through you~

The true face inside my soul.

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Sacred Waters.......Feb 9, 2007 D. C. Bianchino

I drink from your

Sacred waters

Those waters that came

From our mother's tears

I drink and I feel replenished

Dispelling the myth of those ancient fears

The Owl approves that stands by us

Letting the night have its way

For nothing can come between us

No more will fear have the say

The garden has called us as before

To be and so this birth

Preparing the way for those to come

To be a light for this our earth

And so it is that we must shine

To show the way though dark the night

Lighting with flame so eyes can see

Just as the Owl to give her; sight.

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I Am There....1-26-07.....D. C. Bianchino

A clip of your hair,
And I am there---
( I love you so much! )

It is there beyond the grave-complete.
Seducing my mind and my soul
With its power of you, speaking to me.

It is as if; I've been allowed, inside you,
Into that place, that only God has been,
And I; so long to be.

A clip of your hair,
And the winds of the Sahara, swirl and sweep
Sands made smooth, ( Just for us )
Making way for true love to walk its dunes,
And share its virgin bed...

A clip of your hair,
More prescious than the finest of jewels,
Wears around my neck, touching my heart
With a golden hew, lighting my soul
With its glow.

A clip of your hair,
And I am there,
I am there;
With you!...From one clip, of your hair...

I love you....

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The river swollen brown
Makes its way to the sea
Carrying with it all
Of yesterday's debris.

Tomorrow it will still
With blue and green to be
Until it swells again so much
It must empty; to be free!

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ANNA...Just To Let You Know...Jan, 25, 07

When I hold you in my arms, my thoughts stop.

And when our tongues touch, it's as if they are one.

My restless soul becomes still, and a joy fills the spaces

In my mind, and there's no place that I'd rather be,

Than with you, and THAT love, that hold's back time...

See; mountains that once were, just dissolve, as if to

Melt into the ether, the great void, that can only be described,

As pure consciousness, pure bliss. Proving that love exists,

THAT love, not even day can take away- I know!

Because, today the touch remain's. Why? Because,

It is what was behind it! And so today, the blues

Look bluer, as do the greens and reds. And the troubles

Of all the yesterdays, have joined the living dead.

All because, you are there instead.

And so it is I wait for you, on the top of the mountain.

With THAT love that stills the seas, moves mountains,

And find's itself everywhere! With THAT love, I wait;

For you!.... LOVE; Daniel....

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Black Alice.......D. C. Bianchino

Black Alice when on the move
Every turn she takes is smooth.
Can't get enough of her because,
Every inch of her is LOVE.

Her breath it sets the soul on fire
She takes you to that place that's higher.
Black Alice she is the ONE
That is the setting of the sun.

Her lips are night's only fuse
All the stars are her's to use.
And when her light sweeps the sky
Stars ignite and want to fly.

Black Alice opens the doors
To shades of dark not seen before.
And if so lucky she should kiss
She always leaves you with her bliss.

Black Alice is the silhouette
That makes the body want to sweat.
She is the thought you cannot shake
And so it is, one long's to take.

And when she finally says goodbye
She leaves you with her in your eye.
Until the next time she does grace
To take you to her sacred place.

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THAT PLACE....D. C. Bianchino...Jan, 30, 2007

The Owl watches as dams break
Spewing liquid love.
Washing, soaking, cleansing and healing,
While on its way to the Sacred Sea.

Because, Isis, Venus, Athena and Lilith
Their love imprisoned was being freed.
And so the journey long overdue
Attracts the Wolf, as in you, and me.

The Wolf thirsty drinks from her waters,
Licking her wounds along the way.
Answering the call that awoke inside them,
Just as the Sun calls on day.

Lost in the passion of purified pleasure,
Waves rise from the ocean's floor.
Reaching like fingers cradling a candle,
Reaching for That Place; without a shore!...

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For You To Feel Good!

Just want to write a song
That makes you feel good.
Too know I could, just for you.

So I guess it must start with a moment,
This one that's brand new,
Just for you!

'Cause everything's right here and now,
And everyone that see's you
Say's wow! wow! wow!.

You! You! You!
There's no one around quite like you!

You make everyone smile
And feel worthwhile,
Yes you do! do! do!

Even rain smiles, coming down,
And dances for us
When it hits the ground.

Like the sun that shines,
Or those cloudy days.
The smile that you show
It goes both ways,
And we're save, save, saved!

You're my friend, you're my friend,
And I love you for that,
And so so beautiful, just to look at.

And so it is, I'm inspired to write,
Here and now, in this moment that's light.
With the thought of you, here in the now,
Seeing you smile, and thinking,
Wow! Wow! Wow!

I want to eat you all up
And just be with you
Never let go
Keep it brand new
Get lost in that love
The one that is true
It's all in this moment
'Cause that's what you do,
'Cause you smile, smile, smile,
And everything becomes;
Worthwhile....'Cause YOU
Smile! smile! smile! And that is
The WOW that is NOW!....

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I will be here with you with no distractions; right now.

I will lose myself in you; right now.

I will mix with you in this moment; right now.

I will love you as no other; right now.

My heart and my soul will be yours; right now.

My purpose will come together; right now.

I will be with you as ONE forever; right now.

This I vow to you; right now!

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Waking......December 24, 2006...D. C. Bianchino

A rain day in San Marcos,
With Sun and rain
In my heart.....

Upon waking this morning
This came to me....

I went to the deepest part of my being
And found you there.
You were there last night,
And again this morning.
And so my despair, and yet,
This tormented joy.
But that's OK, it shows
I care.

You would think I'd be happy,
Ever rejoicing now that I found
What I was looking for.
But how can I be,
When you haven't found
What I've been granted, (or cursed)
To see, that is, you; and me....

I wish I had other distractions, but;
No I don't! that's over now. why?
Because I found you there
In the deepest part of my being,
And, I cannot live the lie!

So it is, that I am filled with this fear,
That time will run out,
Before you and I in a physical way,
Will lie together, and too be about.

Because, I went to the deepest
Part of my being, and found you there
Where reason itself became humble
To say, " The love you found
I cannot argue, or try to sway.
Because you are night, and they
Are day; THAT IS the Sacred Pair;
Because, you went to the deepest
Part of your being, where they both stay."

And so it is for now to feel this joy unfair,
Because, I went to the deepest
Part of my being, and saw, us; there!

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I Swim With You.....D. C. Bianchino..Dec 27-2006

I swim with your
Light and your glory

I swim with the thought
Of you.

I swim with it deep
Inside me

I swim with it
More than what's true.

I swim with it
When I am happy

And especially when
I am sad.

I swim with it
When there's no story

Or witness to what
Makes me glad.

I swim with you
In these quiet rooms

Like a bath in
Suttle perfumes.

I swim with you
In that sacred place

Where the blood meets
The dark of the moon.

I swim with you
You that is everywhere

In everything
That I touch.

I swim with you
More than just yesterday

Because I, just love you;
So much....

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Candles......Dec, 26, 2006...D. C. Bianchino

Ten candles burn outside,
One burns inside all alone.
Ten candles giving night some light,
While the one inside just burns
The bone.

It must be another Christmas,
Or the rejection of last week.
Or maybe it's what the soul
Goes through, before it goes
To sleep.

Or maybe it's just plain bad luck,
Or karma for the past.
Or maybe it's nothing more than this,
Candles, that don't; last....

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So Warm, So Warm! Inspired by my Jaimie, my Soul.... Dec.5,'06

I never thought I'd feel like this
Wanting to love you every day

I never thought I'd want a kiss
That would never go away

I never thought I'd love someone
With a love that felt so pure

I never thought I'd say these words
This love I have is sure~ Amor, Amor.

I stare at you I stare at you
Through eyes that see complete

A beauty that my soul's compelled
To rise for it must speak

It does when I'm alone in thought
Thoughts just filled with you

And so I write them down because
That is what I do

'Cause you are who I think about
When morning fills with light

'Cause you are always with me now
And so it is I write

And when I'm in your presence
The words just melt away

For everything is so complete
There's nothing more to say

For there's a glow that says it all
I know it's always true

'Cause everytime I feel so warm
When I am next to you....I love you.

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YOU...Inspired by My Jaimie , My Soul...Dec 3-06


You teased my heart
Till it played
It's song of love
The one it held so deep
I didn't even know
Where it was
Or, if it even existed.

Yes you
The one that awoke
This music within
That music that some
May even call its sin
As if it's a place
Not to be crossed
Like a place reserved
For some false Gods.

Yet when the music played
It rose within me
Like a magical wave
That washes, polishing
Stones into gems
Gems to be set and worn
By the newly ordained
Kings and queens.
With the rest being strewn
About the sea
Setting it affire.

And in this song
This feeling, a texture
In music I could touch
Pressing my fingers deep
Into its liveness
As much so to taste it
On my finger tips
Like one might a tear
That comes to the eye
Of a love.

And now I wonder
How I ever could have forgot
When you were always there
You- You
This song in my heart....

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LOVE IS WHEN..............Dec,2nd, 06 D . C . Bianchino Inspired by Vega And WW.DD

I wish I could love you
The way you love me
But it just doesn't happen
Happen to be.

I know how you feel
Honest I do
When you think this time
This love is true
Only to find they don't love you.

So, I wish I could love you
The way you love me
But it just doesn't happen
Happen to be.

See, you're not alone
With the way that you feel
Even when thinking
"Is there a love real?"

But one things for certain
We all play our part
In this, our life's journey
That is about heart.

And, connecting with another
For the ultimate bliss
Once completing the circle
That was loneliness.

And when we do
It will be for sure
There will be no doubt
THAT LOVE will be pure.

And you and I
Together will say
Be patient for THAT
For THAT is loves way.

But for now we must feel
What doesn't feel good
In order to realize
Love as it should.

And even when someone
Says" It isn't me".
They too are there
To set our hearts free
For true love to be....

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NIGHT'S LOVE...Nov 2006

The NIGHT held you

Like it hold's its own precious stars.

Your face reflected a quiet love,

As Night's own shadow fell across.

And Night had, just had to hold its breath.

When seeing your love freed,

Like a star that shoots across the sky for all to see,

(The one that ignites all others to shimmer),

Night finally slept while holding you

In his shadowy arms, as your head rested

Upon his shoulder, it too freed; by love...

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She moves like an excited cat.

Filled with life and nowhere to go.

Her library is unkept, strewn here and there,

Like men that she meets.

( None being able to understand her true desires.)

She's reaching, that is, wanting to reach,

Reach that incredible unknown.

That place where few ever, ever find.

Her beauty is; well, she is desire itself,

And so close to; THAT, that channel,

Where light first begins, that spiral

An elegance only she knows,

But, knows not what to do with it.

All because of mores of this day,

This time; this place....

*** The poem "An Inspiration" is also a part of this song.
*** It is best to sing them together.


You are an inspiration,
A poem for the pen.
You are an inspiration,
The song in the wind.

You are that inspiration,
That moves words to flow.
You are that inspiration,
The poem that says it's so.

Look at you, standing there,
Your light fills the room.
Look at you, without care,
That is, without it's gloom.

You are that inspiration,
The rose that opens wide.
You are that inspiration,
You stand side by side.

You are that inspiration,
The poem that comes to life,
You are that inspiration,
For such poems, a poet writes.

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It's As Simple As That...Nov...2006...D. C. Bianchino

I love you
It's as simple as that.
I don't know,
How long it will last.
And I know it's,
Moving real fast,
And I don't care,
And that is a fact.

'Cause I feel it,
And it's feeling good.
Not thinking,
About if I should.
Just letting,
It do its own thing,
And feeling,
Each day like it's spring.

'Cause I don't want, to have too look back,
So I'll love you, it's as simple as that.

See my body
Is reaching for you,
And my spirit,
Is doing it too.
See we want it,
We're both giving in,
And enjoying,
This feeling within.

And if fools gold,
Or I told you so.
I'll say thankyou,
For the love now I know.
And I like it,
This desire I have,
'Cause I'm smiling,
Even though I'll feel sad.
But that's OK
'Cause I'm feeling alive,
And the lovin,
My smile cannot hide.

'Cause I don't want, to have too look back,
So I'll love you, it's as simple as that.

Now some say,
Don't be a fool.
But time says,
Don't play it cool.
Just take what,
Has been givin to you,
'Cause LOVE IS!
And that's what is true!

So I don't know,
How long it will last.
And I know it's,
Moving real fast.
And I don't care,
And that is a fact,
I'll just love you,
It's as simple as that.
I'll just love you,
There's no looking back,
I'll just love you,
It's as simple as;THAT!

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The curtain blows

And I blow with it.

The music plays

And so do I.

I think of you

And lose the minute,

When yesterday,

Says goodbye.

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JAIMIE, THE ONE................NOV, 12, 06

Everybody loves Jaimie, and Jaimie loves everyone.
She is like a child that makes souls smile,
'Cause Jaimie is really the ONE.
She is the ONE that we look for,
The ONE that makes the heart whole.
That's why everbody loves Jaimie,
'Cause Jaimie will never be old.

When she dances she dances with freedom,
'Cause freedom is the partner she holds,
Jaimie is the child who's inside us,
Jaimie is the rose that unfolds.
She raises her hands to the music,
Reaching up to the sky,
She puts a white light all around her,
And her love just begins to fly.

She dances with snake like moves,
With a body that's just as smooth.
She is the full moon's mood,
As the love from both does ooz.
She's a crystalized Island of glass,
Reflecting love out to the last,
She's the dew and smell of sweet grass,
Jaimie is the ONE we cain't pass.

She's the fairy dust in a beam,
When light through a window is seen.
She's beautiful tall and lean,
'Cause Jaimie is the ONE God dreamed.
She's loved by every known flower,
'Cause that is in her power,
To love whatever she sees,
Which means love for you and me.

Jaimie is the child who's inside us,
She, is God manefest.
At the same time she's mother and mistress,
Goddess and waitress at best.
'Cause Jaimie is really the ONE,
The ONE that makes the heart whole.
'Cause Jaimie is the ONE that we look for,
Jaimie is the ONE in our soul!

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I TASTE.....Nov...9th, 2006

I taste what makes life possible,
I taste the precious.
I taste the mystery
Hidden between those swollen walls.

I taste the beginning and the end.
I taste, and it becomes part of me,
Closer than my skin.
I taste the past, present, and future.

I taste its purpose, that pleasure,
That intensity.
I taste what remains,
That which just; IS.

I taste its intimacy,
Like a shade , or veil
That covers its eye.
I taste its importance, that sacrifice.

I taste the fire from its heart
That burns my tongue, yet sooths.
I taste what only it has been allowed,
I taste its sweet secret, its power of persuasion.

I taste but a sample of only which,
It will ever know.
THAT magnitude,
Which leaves my pleasure pale.

I taste that which makes me
Come back for more.
In want of what it has,
Its rapture, its bliss.

I taste that love that spews,
Like a dam released, unplugged.
Washing me till my soul is pleased,
And all this because, I tasted; you!

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Just The Thought Of You...Nov 1st o6

Just the thought of you
And I feel new,
And there's nothing that
I cannot do.

Just the thought of you
Lifts my wings,
And moves my heart
To sing sing sing.

Just the thought of you
Brings out a smile,
And everything
Is all worthwhile.

Just the thought of you
And I'm on fire,
Just the thought of you
Takes me higher.

Just the thought of you
And I can love again,
Again and again,
There is no end.

Just the thought of you
And I am home,
Just the thought of you,
And I'm not alone.

Just the thought of you
And yes I fly,
Just the thought of you
Fills the sky.

Just the thought of you
I feel alive
And just the thought of you
Is the reason why; it's just the thought of you....

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When Thoughts Are Few...Oct 5, 06

Sitting on a log
I look around at the leaves,
Those ready to sacrifice their lives
So the tree will survive
Through the long cold winter.

The breeze playing its part
Shakes the branch
Upon where they sit,
Nudging them to move on.

A carpet of grass
Waits to catch their flight,
It too changing
So the roots beneath
Will have another chance
Come spring.

The evergreens I see
Stand like parents
Guarding their offspring,
They, ready to face
The army of winter.
( Majestically speaking ).

The log where I sit
Layed down many years before,
(As the wiskers on its bark
Making its character
Leads me to know).

And, that if no interfering
Perhaps another will sit
And ponder those things
In ways that speak
When thoughts are few..

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THE RING Oct, 12, 06

It's a ring, not just a ring
It's a ring that want's to sing.
To sing to you its song of love
The one it holds the memory of.

For in its memory, it did feel
The love it felt, that made it real.
A love the ring now holds onto
Like a love that's always new.

And, no matter where the ring may lay
The love it holds will not decay.
For it is there, it has been saved
And has since, that fateful day.

And so this song it will remain
Until the last will sing the same.
For it was then that it became
For that is when it was ordained.

Now it's a ring, not just a ring
It's a ring that want's to sing.
To sing this song of love that's true
The ONE that says, I do; love you....

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Take Me For A Ride...OCT 2nd 2006

Take me for a ride
Take me for a ride
Take me for a ride
Take me for a ride

Let me learn to fly
Let me learn to fly
Let me learn to fly
Let me learn to fly

I'm ready now to try
I'm ready now to try
I'm ready now to try
Take me for a ride

Now here's the reason why
Here's the reason why
Here's the reason why
Here's the reason why

You are by my side
You are by my side
You are by my side
You're the reason why

So take me for a ride
Let me learn to fly
I'm ready now to try
'Cause you are by my side

So take me for a ride
Let me learn to fly
I'm ready now to try
'Cause you are by my side

You are by my side
So take me for a ride
Let me learn to fly
I'm ready now to try.....

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Lost In Time And Space

Side streets, curtains closed.

A blue canoe, love rolls.

A library, parking lot.

Love is, on the spot.

Whisperings, love bites.

Two now one, inner sight.

Green eyes, love sighs.

Lazy smiles, so defies.

Three hours, time lapse.

A blue canoe, two in back.

Lost in time, and space.

Just there, in that place.

Lost in time; and space.

Dec. 25, 2005

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Jaimie's Song

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good
Woke up this morning thinking that I should
Woke up this morning feeling mighty fine
Woke up this morning 'cause you were on my mind.

I love you I love you don't need to know why
All I know, is I feel I can fly
You are just there like breathing in air
And nothing else matters I really don't care.

'Cause I woke up this morning feeling mighty fine
Woke up this morning with you on my mind.

Last night at the coffee house there was music outside
Music that touched this Tantra inside.
Everyone felt it I know you could tell
The music had magic leaving its spell.

I wrote a few lines thinking of you
It was to blue grass the kind that is true
The blue grass was wet the music its dew
But nothing compares with the dew that's from you.

You are the balance keeping it light
The dream that came even in spite
And now it's something I hold on to tite
Feeling as if I'm some human kite.

I came to love you there was no then
It wasn't like falling just came to it when
And now that I am there is nothing to hide
And so this good feeling of being alive.

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good
Woke up this morning thinking that I should
Woke up this morning feeling mighty fine
Woke up this morning "cause YOU were on ; my mind.

D. C. Bianchino July 2006

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July 2oo6...D. C. Bianchino...Inspired by Jaimie


I love you more than sex.

Never thought I'd say that.

Your presence is my pleasure.

It's deeper than its cousin.

I stare and just get lost,

So pleased no need to try.

I stare because you're beautiful,

And your beauty satisfies.

It carries me through ego's flight.

A bridge connecting separate shores.

Where love needs not its love restore,

And so it is, I love you ; more....

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You Will Know Tantra

"The animal lies in wait

For smell and taste.

Its appetite seen, in eyes;


When THAT love makes desire blush

And the heart to moan turning blood purple.

And your thoughts become braided, woven

From the finest of silks, and fused from THAT

Eternal flame.

When time disappears into the great void

Where true selves meet, and the soul

Cries itself to sleep. You will know;


D. C. Bianchino

June 28, 2006

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D. C. Bianchino May 13th 2006 For all who wish to use.

This is the story how marriage began.

Before there was anything, like life as we know it.
There was only God, and God's Angels. They existed
in pure consciousness and bliss.

Then something happened. Two of the angels ached for each other, feeling a strange new love. God knowing this became jealous. (Even though both still loved God.)

God then admonished them, and as their punishment sent them out into the great void of NOTHINGNESS. Now trillions of years passed and God, seeing how devoted and lasting their love for each other was, became moved and compassionate. God then brought the two loving angels back from out of the great void of NOTHINGNESS.

Then God called all the angels to come forth in order to bare witness to what God now would sacredly bestow on these two committed ones. When all were present God spoke. And this is what God said. " Because of your unbroken love for each other; (and me) which has stood the test of what will be called time, I will perform a wedding ceremony and you will both be married. But first I must give you both souls, which will be our everlasting connection. (All was done simultaneous upon God's words.) THIS WILL BE."

With the wedding and marriage over God added: "As your wedding gift I will now create Chaos and give to you a paradise to be called Earth. There will be stars above and planets to view, and a moon to excite you. There also will be light and darkness, pain and pleasure, joy and sometimes bliss. You will also be made flesh and have beautiful senses, all to add to your pleasures in this most beautiful paradise. And because you are both true in this love you share, you will both have a feeling that you are home. And that is because you will be together and be truly soul mates. All those who follow you, they too will know their love is as true because of this same feeling of being home when first meeting each other." God continued: "All such marriages will be done in honor of you both. You will be the seed, and you will be in, all such marriages."

When God ended, the two angels kissed each other. God surprised, asked them "What is it that you do?" "Well, we kissed. We learned this while being out in the great void of NOTHINGNESS." God was very pleased and smiled.

The two angels were then transferred to this paradise we call Earth. And to give this story its credibility is the evidence between this marriage between (add persons name) as will be for all marriages that follow in this beautiful world without endAmen

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Why the love you want
Is the love you cannot have.
Why is it so taboo
Where happiness meets sad.

Why when you know it's true
And there's nothing you can do.
Why does it lift your wings
And stay in front of you.

Why now to feel the thief
Who stole and got away.
Why is it in the eyes
Without a word to say.

Why must love hold its breath
Where secrets are kept safe.
Why does it feel it must
Every pore to penetrate.

Why does the heart stay strong
In spite of being weak.
Why does it so remain
Remaining where it peaks.

Why does it still remember
That moment it did find.
Why does it still remember
That moment without time.

And, why must there be those days
Days that you just cry
Well, Love just can't be reasoned
For Love is not; a WHY...

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Her body is a wave of light.
Her every move say's she might.

She is the mother and the child.
The source of everything that's wild.

She is the maiden and the wife.
The mistress and the seed of life.

She's the smoke seen in the sun's beam.
The reason we, all can dream.

She's the shadow in the silhouette.
The footprint in the sand that's wet.

She's the sunset and midnight sky.
The star, that never dies.

She is solar, she is flare, her beauty
Is beyond compare.

She is water, she is fire,
She is love, she's desire.

She's a feeling felt inside.
(Although from most her face she hides.)

She's the only soul that's mate.
Her message is for us to wait.

For she, is; Patience. She, is;

From the love I have seen....D. C. Bianchino

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And the Butterfly danced

With the Flower

Cooling its petals

With wing.

And the Flower

Humbly quivered

Thanking the Butterfly

For spring.

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My Prayer Is Your Prayer

My prayer is your prayer
For someone to love.
Someone who's sent
Sent from above.

Someone to touch
To touch our soul.
Someone when together
Will make us feel whole.

Someone that makes
Each day a joy.
With a smile from inside
That's not just a ploy.

Someone to share
The same hopes too.
Someone who really
Really knows you.

When two hearts truly
Beat the same.
They call those souls
When together Twin Flames.

And I know we are called
Together by name.
As is above
So below it's the same.

Also every person
That comes into our lives.
Are there for a reason
For us to grow wise.

Like every obsession
Helps us to see.
We're not in control
As we think we to be.

See, we are humans
Filled with needs.
Needing affection
Or egos to feed.

Or just to be touched
For no reason to name.
'Cause feelings are feelings
Though different the same.

It's true we can love
And love many times.
Feeling it deeply
That love that is mine.

But only with Soul mates
Is that love refined.
Only with Soul mates
Does that love it shine..

So I need to be with you
I need you to feel.
'cause that is my prayer
To feel what is real.

And my prayer is our prayer
I'm thinking just of.
'Cause today I am feeling
That Twin Flame of LOVE....

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When THAT LOVE comes along
Don't you be a fool.
You gotta just go for it
Instead of being cool.

Don't cha start thinking
How long it's gonna last.
If it's got cha heart
The future has no past!

'Cause, your heart knows what it wants
Better than you do.
Otherwise what you're feeling
Wouldn't be in you.

And it may seem a crazy thing
Looking at what you have.
But love, OH; THAT LOVE,
Is to the soul, organic salve.

So when, everyday becomes,
Becomes another night.
Connecting thoughts with your heart
With only love in sight.

Ride the wave that holds that light
A gift that's given free.
And ride the wave that never breaks
That is the whole damn sea.

And don't cha start thinking
How long it's gonna last.
'Cause if it's got cha heart
The future has no past.

THAT IS! ....

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Her eyes pierce

Like an angel's arrows

Opening the path

To her soul

Where an ageless string

Of pearls lie waiting

Laced with rings

Of purple and gold.

Her love is seen

Inside her fire

Exciting alive, and


And also seen

Is right there beside her

The ONE love this angel;


D. C. Bianchino March 10-06

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It Was For Love

I've had my chance for love

I know I've danced for love

And I've romanced for love

Took a chance for love

And I've lost because

And yet I've won because

It was for love

I will not compromise

For love that never dies

And so my heart that tries

A life I know relies

And I've lost because

And yet I've won because

It was for love

Yes I've been in and out

But love's what life's about

On that I have no doubt

That I want to shout

And I've lost because

And yet I've won because

It was for love

And I know there is

Another soul that lives

Living life for love

The one that is

And when the lights go down

And God's trumpet sounds

I'll say I lived for love

And here is what I found

And I've lost because

And yet I've won because

It was for love

It was for love.....

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Shadows Of Love

Shadows of love

Still the night

Embracing the soul

Of the dark.

Moaning the joy

From each other's touch

Rhythmically reaching

Its mark.

Two hearts caress

The moment's breath

Filled with grace

And ease.

Until such light

Squeezed from the night

Is swallowed, and finally;


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When Souls Connect...       Inspired by Anna...Dec-10-05

When Souls connect

So will thoughts

And a feeling

You are home.

When Souls connect

So will hearts

No more to be


No mountain, sea,

Or prison bars

Will ever come between,

For when Souls connect

A love is there,

Just there; as one

In being...

D. C. Bianchino

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A Halloween Meditation With Kasey


Eyes appear
Their radiance beyond
This grave called Life.
A chance to see
What fools cannot
Through sparkling jewels
Too seldom seen.

No stranger was there,
Not at all
So glad to see me
With curious look
A look with love.
"Well hello (I said)
It's been a long time
And it's really good to see you."
Then that smile
That smile that says it all.

In and out she came
Not able to hold it.
We embraced till neither
One nor the other.
And then she left
To wait inside
With purple light
Until that time,
Without; divide.

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The Lover's We Are

Let's walk together

As the lover's we are.

Let's hold hands

And stare into each

Other's eyes.

Let the longing

That we feel

Be satisfied, now.

Not because of

Some memory, or moment.

But because

We really need each other's touch.

That touch that arouses our

Flesh to ignite, to burn, and; to be-

Oct 7 D. C. Bianchino

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The Torch

When your time is my time

And my time is your time

The sun will always shine.

When daytime is nighttime

And nighttime is daytime

Your love will be as mine.

When thoughts are stilled

And feelings are high

And rainbows appear

In each other's eye,

And the future and past

Are lost in the light

Of wings prepared

Just for this flight,

And when earth

Its firey core is felt

As liquid love

After the melt,

When patience is

What is presence

And desire each

Feeds with spoon

Eracing what had

Been the fiction

To use as torch

To light the moon.

Then all below

All will see

The light above

Is there for free

For you and me

For you and me

To hope, laugh, and; to be...

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You put the light on in my soul
And woke this dream inside I hold.
It was the magic in your smile
And something deeper in your eyes.
It was the love you have I felt
Even though for someone else.
But that joy transcends all time
And that love became as mine.
Like a scent that leaves its mark
May seem lost but not forgot.
Or, when the dead we love survive
In a dream that seems alive.
You put the light on in my soul
And woke this dream inside I hold;
For Love.

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The Little Light

She walks without compunction
And prays with humility
She is the candles very heart
The fruit for all to see.

Her makeup is her beauty
With scarf that hides her hair
Yet open like her eyes
So green, alive, and bare.

She is the white of the dune
The quick of the sand
The one who holds the shift through winds
And stills again the land.

She is the mother and the child
Her innocence completes
The soul that lies beneath the sword
That holds the one true peace.

She is, Mohammed's bride,
The well, when we thirst
A sister to the sun
An equal to the first.

She is the mountain that I climb
The wolf that waits on top
She is the woman that I love
The woman men have sought.

She is; Roshanak

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My meeting with a Flower Child

By: D.C. Bianchino
August 6, 2005

God sent me a flower child
Who brought me some lilies
A flower of summer
And one of forgiveness
We prayed together
After hugging a tree
Raising our arms
For the almighty to see.

Bring heaven to earth
Was one message she brought
Letting go, again I was taught
"We are the future
We're here, it's now!
The garden has called us
Our Spirits endowed."

"There is a place
Where streams you can drink
With mountains and dunes
And like minded do think
You need to come"
With a smile so in love
This healer, this angel,
This flower, this dove.

"There is a buffalo
Exposing itself
And also a white bear
When snows come about
It's a place where shamans
And Hopi reside
As well as spirits
Waiting the tide."

She's a Colorado hippie
And Kelly's her name
A kindergarten teacher
A hitch hiking dame
You should meet my students
Little Bodhisattvas they are
Embodying the Tao
And the happiest by far."

She's fearless in faith
And testing it yet
Not buckling to fears
Of the populous set
Her blue eyes hold magic
And hope that divides
Those that have courage
From those that just hide.

I gave her a gift
She asked me my age
Little did I know
It was setting the stage
Her arms wrapped around me
Then a kiss on my lips
I felt their gratitude
Innocence and bliss.

She hiked here to Texas
For the love that she had
It was only in Dallas
Cops treated her bad
But now she was smiling
And she did it a lot
For the peace that is hers
She hadn't forgot.

"You need to come
To the land of forgiveness
You need to come"
She wrote this by hand
"You need to come
For the dunes that will hold you
You need to come
Because that's where I am.

Just ask for me
At the Earth Star Plaza
It's right there
In the center of town
Just ask for Kelly
Everyone knows me
And I'll really be happy
To show you around."

She meditates, she venerates
She is, into Buddha
Vision quests tribal sweats
Don't let this gal fool ya
She eats Buffalo knows the Crow
The Turtle-peculiar?
She's not prejudice she's credulous
She's a warrior and a jewelia.

I met her later
At the Greyhound station
Brought her some food
For the trip back home
Rice and beans
' Peanuts and raisins
Then left her love
Left them alone.

Later I felt
Her wonderful presence
Heard her voice
Calling me
"Daniel really
You need to come here
Cause that's where I am
And you need to be.

She said our palms
Hold our history
The one on the left
Is the karma we owe
"But this one on the right"
As she looked all excited
"Is the one with our destiny
And freedom we'll know."

She gave me the message
I needed to hear
I am forgiven
Have no fear

We met-no coincidence
Both just knew
It was no accident
This connection was true.

I gave her my poetry
And gifts to share
A symbol, a pipe
A sacred pair
And now that I end this
Our meeting, though rare
I suddenly realize, why,
I'm already there.

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The Muse

Today is our forever, the night share's its breath.
This, the angels pleasure, no more the trials of death.
Begin what has begun, for what it has is this,
The openness of all there is with wind and all its bliss.
For what we have is nature's thirst, for that is what we are,
Taking in and giving out the breath of one known star.

Like meadow with its ancient feel, and willow and oak tree.
Just ask the hawk when over head, for it's the one who sees.
The triple muse whose wondrous touch fills the poet's heart,
Gathering the seeds to plant, with words to raise the dark.

We drink her blood a tea for those who seek cancers cure,
The colt its foot, or horses hoof, it's she who does endure.
And when this triple muse does speak, to let herself be known,
Be sure to look and you might see her hand within; the poem.

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The Mystery

She's like the sea at night with fog
And moves like wind across.

She's the blue in the grass that's green
The page at the beginning and end
Of a leather bound book.

She dances with fire secretly smiling
At her own imperfections

She is an Island of foam,
No mystery; at all.

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Outside The Garden

Outside the garden
The rose still has
Its say
Weaving winding
Into Hearts
It finds along
The way.

Outside the garden
This rose now wants to lay
Across the breast
Of one Whose heart
To weave and maybe sway

Happy Valentines day

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She's a woman

She's a woman, a beautiful woman,
She's all woman, and she's mine.

She's a lady, a beautiful lady,
She's a lady, and refined.

And I'm so lucky, I'm really lucky,
I'm damn lucky, for her time.

And for this feeling, a black and white feeling,
A picture reeling, in my mind.

I see her standing her gift she's handing
So understanding her every line.

And I am happy, I'm really happy
I'm so happy, I sing this rhyme

She's a woman, a beautiful woman,
She's all woman, and she's mine.

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It's a Texas Breeze that cools the blade of grass.
Gentle, yet strong, strong enough to last.
It's a Texas Breeze that keeps alive the past,
Like the beauty seen, in every Texas lass.
She's that; Texas breeze.

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Definition Of A Soul Mate

Two separate beings
Equal in part
United by love
Right from the start.

Completing the circle
Two halves become whole
Each in the other
AS ONE in their soul.

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MY Marena And Me (May 14th 2009)

I got lost in Marena, I was taking a walk.
I got lost in Marena, in my head I would talk;
To her.
It was just yesterday, when we both met,
But I knew it was her, in my heart I had kept;
Marena, Marena, I've been waiting for you,
And I know you felt, what you'd been waiting for too,
Your fingers that touch the strings of your harp,
Have touched the notes that beat in my heart,
For you, a Marena.
Today wind blows, clouds, drift away.
Seeing the clearing, this spring, this May,
And you Marena why my heart has been tried.
Years in the making to have such a bride,
As Marena.
You are the air, the breath that I take.
I am the fire, together we make.
Like with patience does skin, leave the snake,
For life itself, to rise and to wake.
As we my Marena, that I now see.
As we my Marena, Marena; and Me...

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Being in love
Is when sad and happy
Joy and sorrow
The four compete.

Being in love
Is when affairs of the heart
Meet life and death
And loves deceit.

Like a child
Who competes for love
One day finds

Like leaves that turn
And fall away
Make for another
At the end of the day.

And courage and lonely
Faith and fear
Sing their song
Helpless and strong.

Being in love
One holds the note
And let's it go
Just being there.

In darkness and light
As does the air
It breathes.

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Where does it come from
The sun that dances for
Certain eyes?

Where does it come from
Roses in Mexico with
Spanish ties?

Where does it come from
A lady with suede face
From Buffalo hides?

Where does it come from
The tale that is told
That is filled with the wise?

Senses in borrowed body's
That pleasure themselves
Not unlike others before
And after.

This pleasure, an earthly thing
That keeps the fire going,
And the candle to sing,
This onetime song.

Reminding us to enjoy the gifts
In this Eden of life like no other,
Where bodies; belong.

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The Gate Of Stars And Stripes
I came inside you with my breath.
Inhaling exhaling the truth of it.
Lips pressed, STILL. Saying it all.
Their moment at rest, feeling the present
That co-exists- because of; THAT-Oh yes
THAT! THAT which brings us to this-
The eye of the hurricane. The cave inside
The mountain. The place of silence
Between walls of the temple-Still-
Like pieces of a wooden fence
Left standing with field it once surrounded-
And with the slow beat of the heart
That came in you, and you in me-
At the gate of stars and stripes.

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WORDS! 6-22-09

Ah, words! words that play the song of the soul.

Words! vibrations tracing images, painting pictures
That will hang on earth like a mosaic on walls and dome.

Words! words that give voice to the true world,
Where love lies waiting, and wanting.

Words! words that glorify the myth, creation, and purpose.
Ah, words! words that sting or melt the coldest heart to sing
And to be,

Elst be destined to a world without sound, colour, or you and me.
Ah, words! I love you....

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Russian Girl 6-22-09

Russian Girl:

I love your laugh, I love you eyes.
I love your smile, I love you thighs.
MM I do love you.

I love the air you always bring
To this heart that wants to sing,
MM I do love you.

It would be nice to have you now,
It's just that I, I don't know how.
MM I do love you.

You are the Russia that is wild
You are the earth, you are its child
You are the flower that throws her seeds
To the wind where it is freed,
And Russian girl, one fell on me. Now to be.

You are the Russia, you are its eyes
You are the past that's kept alive-wild and free!
You that sees what I forgot
You that guides me in my thought
Leading me to things I've lost
Russian girl whose seed I caught.

Russian Girl:

I love you laugh, I love your eyes
I love your smile, I love your thighs.
MM I do love you.

Russian girl green eyes with blue
This seed I caught is one that grew
MM I do love you, MM I do love you-Russian girl...

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AH, legs! Those Leggy's
That seem to have no end.
Legs that get lost in a smile,
As they ascend.
Reaching. Touching thoughts
between what lies within.
As one when paths are crossed
When eyes begin
Wishing for the pleasure
For what they might,
As when standing, sitting,
Or wrapping themselves
Around the night.
As that fiery star
That connects with them
Throws its light,
Catching imaginations,
As they; hold tight!.....

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Come lay with me-you!
You who is looking for what
You must know now.

You who walked the tracks
That took you to that quiet room
In your mind.

You who had the courage to search
And then to find-Love.
A love whose been waiting
Between distractions of lifetimes.

Let your heart explode like a star.
Let it rise from the ashes,
Like a child who might levitate
Upside down with smile.
Entering that place
Where simple joy radiates!
Covering and finishing a textured field,
A Christ field-Alive! There with wild flowers
Laughing with scent.

Let your eye that sees those things-open
And be with me, and I with you,
And in that quiet room reside....Annatari...
You that squeezes light; out of darkness....

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The Smiths

In The heart of the song The Gold Glitters.

The Smiths

Gold glitters by hand of the Smiths
Rough made smooth as a monolith
This is the truth of the alchemist
One like the other, like fog is to mist.

As a bracelet weaved of the finest stones
Speaks inside of the weavers when shown
Like bone to marrow, and marrow to bone
Eternally present, eternally known.

And when fires make the metals weep
The soul inside will never sleep
For that is when its made complete
Like diamond is, to which it seats.

So with power, and tools, and eyes that cast
Forged by the master with fineries fast
Will hold the future as does the past
Shaped, designed, and sized to last.

For the master Smith the earth it wakes
And from the deep its secrets take
Passing them on to ones namesake
That passes it on in what they make;
The Smiths.

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When The Bee Comes Round oct 31 2009

It's time for me to go, you know.
It's not because I don't love you,
It's just time for us to grow, you know.
There's a voice I hear calling me to face what I must face to see.
Not because of destiny, just the chance for what will be; that is free.
Like polka dotted paper bears playing games when no ones there.
Inside the cover of a book when opened we all get to look, and to know the real story.
It's not a search for one to find it's just the movements out of time.
It's getting lost being blind, leaving things once more behind,
Like paper bears and nursery rhymes, when the bee, comes round, you know.

When the bee comes round and you're sitting down with things to write, but you can't.
'Cause it's on your hand you didn't plan so you sit and wait. Then it flies away and you Think about what did it say?...You are the one it was drawn too, trying to wake what lies In you, to do the things that you must do, this you take.

It's time for me to go, you know. It's not because I don't love you,
It's just time for us to grow, you know.
There's a voice I hear calling me to face what I must face to see
Not because of destiny, just the chance for what will be,
That is free, like the bee that tasted flowers, and; me...You know.

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3 In A Band nov 2009 inspired at the Tantra Coffe House

The tent stood high with an orange tint
From the lights on stage.
3 in a band ready to play for a minimum wage.

The chairs were full, the night was too
It was texas time. A perfect night
When everything's right and the feelings fine.

The guitars sang and the voices rang
Through the open tent. Children with moms
And dads and dogs the music lent.
The warm night air the friendly fare
With music light. Two men and a lady
It was Texas time on a friday night.

Pizza and beers and nighttime cheers
After each song. Just glad to be there
Looser than string, all getting along.

And they played and smiled and called
Out names to friends they knew.
Keeping it local and a family thing,
And Texas true.

In a week that some would die
And many tears would fall, tonight
The music falls on ears as courage
Once more calls. Healing what was
Yesterday for tonight the night belongs,
To 3 in a band and all of us here
Listening to their songs, for life, to once more;
Move on...

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I Know You Care Nov 2009

There's a place in my heart....for you.
There's a place in my heart....I do.
Whenever you come around, the lost is once
More found....I knew.

And the feeling I get is alive, just something
I feel inside
And the grass in the field waves that I see
And the sun that shines falls on me,
And every time I feel I'm free, and just
Happy to be.

When I hear your voice I just want to talk
And I don't care whatever the clock might say.
I feel this connection, I don't know why.
But I know it feels right as the tears in my eyes,
That do not lie. And when morning comes and
I get your text, what had been wrong is right then fixed.
Just is.

I love the things we talk about
The cosmic that helps with doubts, I know I have.
'Cause whenever we talk I believe again,
It seems once more I remember when,
And I get this strength once more
And I feel my spirit soar above the roar,
Between the doors of those perceptions that we share.
And most of all, I know; you care....

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Next To Me Nov 2009

It was my look to the left where an angel would sit
Next to me...
That her beauty would lift a place through my eyes
I could see...
A quiet love coming from her, truer than most
I could tell...
While at rest was her arm enjoying this time
She was free.

A light from the screen lit on her face
With shadows flickering as on fingers
She swept tickling the top of her hand
More sensuous this movement than anything
Someone could plan.

The smile on her face was a peace
That surpasses. Just watching the movie
Feeling from someplace inside. ( Like she herself
Was playing her part I derived, as all movies,
Surely decide.)

Slouched in her seat relaxed as a curious diamond
Her eyes transfictional, were complete and intentional
With her secrets fully intact.

God she looked beautiful, happy and musical
Like a sparkle that took from the sea.
Like a fairy that left the page in a book,
Just to be.
'Cause the star in this movie was sitting right there;
Next to me....

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That Smile Nov 2009

And she walks with a smile from a place deep inside
That's free!
Something that's hers for us you know, to see!

There's this light that shines illuminating time
Time that knows, there's more of what can be.

It's a knowing things will be all right, for nothing can
Put out that light that's soft as a cloud that's in day light
From a breath that breathes into it life for you,
And; me.

'Cause when all is said and done, the truth always wins,
Nothing really ends, it always just begins; you will see.

Like that smile that nurtures songs to sing
And the birds to mate every spring
And the seeds that fruit for us to bring
That smile that says "My offering
Is one of Love." With THAT smile that says;

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Being in love
Is when sad and happy
Joy and sorrow
The four compete.

Being in love
Is when affairs of the heart
Meet life and death
And loves deceit.

Like a child
Who competes for love
One day finds

Like leaves that turn
And fall away
Make for another
At the end of the day.

And courage and lonely
Faith and fear
Sing their song
Helpless and strong.

Being in love
One holds the note
And lets it go
Just being there.

In darkness and light
As does the air
It breathes.

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Love Is... 4-10-2008

Love is a ride on a Ferris wheel
A roller coaster that makes us squeal.
It takes each turn that you can feel
And adds a rush that says it's real.

It's high it's low it's all around
It's in it's out it's up it's down.
It is what has that is no doubt
It is alive and all about.

'Cause love is thick as air that's thin
Carries you up; and in.
Wrapped inside its textured skin
For that in truth is where it's been.

It's like a flower inside that holds
Natures honey that is its gold.
Waiting just to let it go
And what it means to let it flow.


Much like the skin on a maple tree
Inside sweet water when tapped will be.
There for the taste and eyes to see
Love in its making sets the soul free!


So this is what it means to love
Inside the body of one that does.
For love is the pulse and each breath we take
And life is the gift whenever we make,
LOVE LOVE LOVE!......Because, Love Is....

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Mud And Myth March 30, 20088

A hand, a smile.
An eye, a tear.
A taste, a smell.
A voice, an ear.

Flesh that ages
So with lines.
Marks left
Alone in time.

Filled with talent
Bodies swing.
Thumbprints different
As they sing.

(Even though it won't be long
Before the honey is all gone.)

Fingers stretch
Notes that speak.
Channeling life
And death that meet.

Trying to reach
A place without,
Between what's not
But is about.

Why and what
Is and isn't.
This and that
Did and didn't.

It's a journey
Made to do.
Where it lies
Just for you.

As its essence
Carries with
Thoughts in myriads
Mud and myths....

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Distractions and Enjoyment

Distractions come from the movies
We play in our minds.
Those enjoyments that give
The maya its power.
And keeps us from seeing
From the tower.
Where things are seen
From the eye that sees ALL!

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Touched November 2009

You touched that place where tears cannot hide.
You touched that place where Jesus does me.

It came through your voice, I felt it deep within.
Then suddenly it happened, and what I felt was Him...the real.

You can hear something a thousand times and never feel a thing
And then without warning tears are happening...just does.

The song you sung had tears You shed
I felt the suffering on the cross and the wounds from Him
From where He bled and all the blood He lost.

Yet in your voice the angels sang of victory over death
All because of sacrifices and promises He kept.
Then Love itself poured into me and I found myself welling up
Inside. And then the flow began when pride was pushed aside;
And I cried.

You touched that place where tears cannot hide
You touched that place where Jesus does me...
I just knew....

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Fresh Cut Grasses

Fresh Cut Grasses
September's Harvest

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One's importance

Death doesn't care how important one is...
Life, doesn't either....

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Sauce Divine

I made a sauce divine....I know!
Its taste told me so...
My God! I said, when it entered my mouth.
It took me there when I had to shout;
This Is It! Like a poem to share.
A divine gift from the supersphere.

The onion, the garlic, the olive oil.
The mint, the basil, parsley and more.
The salt and pepper tomatoes so pure,
And yes the wine, that made it for sure.

And there you have it, a divine mix
Made in my van and candles to fix
This atmosphere that would endure
As music with blend that heightens the score
Or a poem when written with soul that lures
When you know, you just know... because;
The want, is for;MOOOOORE!!!!!....

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This Is It

My tribute to Michael jackson's
"This Is It"
For the love of Michael and co.

I eat my ice cream.
The special film I'm watching
Is on pause.
Because I don't want to miss

I'm eating it like this dessert.
It's perfection at its best.
It is the poem we aspire to.
It is the supernatural brought to life.
It is the color that drips transporting light.
It is the curtain that calls the pieces to fit,

This; Is It!

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You touched that place where tears cannot hide.
You touched that place where love does me.

It came through your voice, I felt it deep within.
Then suddenly it happened, and what I felt was love...the real.

You can hear something a thousand times and never feel a thing
And then without warning tears are happening...just does.

The song you sung had tears You shed
I felt the suffering and the wounds
From where bled and all the blood lost.

Yet in your voice the angels sang
All because of sacrifices and promises kept.
Then Love itself poured into me and I found myself welling up
Inside. And then the flow began when pride was pushed aside;
And I cried.

You touched that place where tears cannot hide
You touched that place where love does me...
I just knew...

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If you want to win wars, drop no bombs
Drop them love with open arms.
Drop them flowers drop them money
Let that love be the honey.
Let it pour from above showering those
Below with love...

Sounds naive? Just believe love will do
What love conceives...Let them see, let them feel
Freedom when and if it's real. Let this love
Overwhelm, let the people come around.
Days weeks months years. Show this love
That has no fears...

No reason for the damage. No reason for abuse.
Let love be the reason, let love be the juice.
Let people be themselves, just be a part of it.
Don't try to change nobody, just let love, the flame
Be lit.

Drop them flowers drop them money
Let that love be the honey.
Let it pour from above, showering those
Below with LOVE... If you want to win wars
Drop no bombs, drop them LOVE
With; open arms....IF....

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Every now and then someone like you
Comes along. Every now and then.
Every now and then a star shoots
Across the sky, so beautiful to the eye.
Every now and then.

Every now and then a heart is tried
When an Alma's by your side. Every now
And then. Every now and then someone
Touches that place where love cannot hide.
Every now and then.

Every now and then a tear comes around
One that will not dry. Every now and then.
Every now and then your spirit is moved
And you know exactly where and when.
Every now and then.

Every now and then that star descends
And you're its final end because, every now
And then an Alma stays to never leave;
Again....Every now; and then.

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The Wish

I've kissed your lips before;
Though a dream.
I felt their softness touch that place,
Once more...Now I've seen.
As when lover's kiss, eyes must close
Bringing it deep to soul.
The soul that longs what senses do,
Feeling what lips to lips, that love that's true,
In me, and you.
As the dream wake's the wish, to be;

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That Dress

Even though we are as different
As a snake is to a camel...

I held my breath so intoxicating
Was your dress.
I could only stare as thoughts held
When forced; yes, made to address.

And as you walked away a movie
Played, so I would find. It was a special
Scene that locked itself in my mind.

Your move, it brought me back
As I recall, like these words I share
That somehow had to fall.

I was lost for words and so it was
I couldn't speak. But if thoughts have
Power, mine? Well; not so discreet.

Boots hugging towards waiting knees
Leotard with mini skirt, eyes pleased.
A flower child surely, with a 2000 flare
The jacket over shirt with hat over hair.

And of course that move with confident walk
Perhaps feeling what secretly my thoughts

That stalked. Like a voyeur that just
Couldn't resist, like that movie before
That was to impress....As you did, so,
Incredibly…. dressed….

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Two In One

Our words are mixed together now
Like two rivers that converged
Your's in mine, mine in your's
Together they are merged.

Thoughts that share their sameness
Experience entwined
Both now one as clothes when weaved
Both from the same vine.

A song to sing our hearts song
Composed from that within
Sharing life's many sides
Sharing where it's been.

The music is the juice, sad but
Sweet the note
It touches deep that essence holds
Squeezed till drops they float.

Your soul sings the melody
The truth in every part
It touches me as others will
Because it's from your heart.

Our words are mixed together now
The music is the rind
Your's in mine, mine in your's
Now two in one; to find.

(Sweet the song that sings the soul from body bent inside that holds like ice that melts though it be cold for warm it stays when all is told)

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Between You And I

Let me enjoy your beauty
And look into your soul
Let it be a quiet time
One I can hold
Let our thoughts pass
Without need to ask
Let them just be
Weightless in mass
Let my breath take
All of you in
Where your being will
Inside of me swim
Let this time be
Between you and I
Where THIS will
Forever just lie,
Always free........

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In Quiet Footsteps

In quiet footsteps
The road walked.
Where trees and birds
They do talk.
And boulders wait
As old as time
Patiently, for touch
Like mine.
The crunch beneath
My feet keep
To thoughts I have
To their own beat.
That find themselves
On this here sheet
Where all I feel
And hear, do

So we could be with, you.

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Those Little Streams

Ah those little streams
That weave themselves
From birth.
Finding their way
Through field and stone
Woods and earth.
Gurgling and rapping
Babbling and haggling
Singing to passer by.
Until disappearing
Wiggling and waggling
Hidden to ear and eye
Leaving to wonder;
And why....

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A sparrow
Sang her song
For me
With voice and
Beauty I
Could see
An opera
And her destiny
Her life and what
Was meant to be
So Free!

Like the Lilly of the
Valley that comes
Each May
Her fragrance waits
Each year to stay
A gift for those
Who make their
Like a treasure
Cast in stone or
Found one day;

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Don't Think About It

"How do you let go of something?"
Don't think about it.
"It's easy for you to say."

Don't think about it.
"That's all I do all day."
Don't think about it
Stop those thoughts that stay
Don't think about it
Don't let them have their way.

Don't think about it.
"My brain is always on."
Don't think about it
Just think about this song
Don't think about it
Until the thought is gone...

Take control of you mind
Let consciousness it shine
Let this be your line
Don't think about it
Let it be your rhyme.

Obsessive thoughts
Don't want to die
On you obsessions do rely
Without judgments you can try
Don't think about it
And watch them fly.

Your mind doesn't know
How to let them go
So when a thought come to sit...Just;
Don't think about it!

Don't think about it, Don't think about it, Don't think about it, Don't think about it!

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On The Dundee's Run
A Place Of Miracles

Where flowers laid
The lady waits
Where water falls
She lays in state
To answer prayers
For those who make
And bring her flowers
For her to take.

A place of miracles
For those who come
To bare her witness
For what she's done
For this be sure
She is the ONE
To be found
On The Dundee's Run....

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The Way
Muge-The Muse

I asked God to show me the true
And just as fast, there stood you!

You are the Pearl in a thousand shells
The Lilly In The Valley, the Flower's smells.

You are the reason, the reason why
God gave us tears so they could cry
When such beauty blinds the eye
And gives love wings so it can fly.

You are the Muge you are its Ray
That brings to light that shows the WAY
As proof it was, as on this day
As is your name, now here; to, stay.

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When She Lies Still

When all the songs are sung
And there's nothing more to say.
When all the days are done
And all has blown away.
She will move into the STILL
Forever there to stay
And bring with her the starry night
And there forever lay.
The Galaxies will bow to her
When illusion has no form
To take from her the light she gives
Those jewels that she adorns.
For desire completes itself in her,
No need to be reborn
And yet fulfill in conscious BLISS
The flame of night; she mourns....

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The Last Act

The Bell rang at four in the morning. You're probably asking "What Bell?"
It's a Bell you can't describe. It just happens. What I can say, is its image
held in my mind, and the desire for it was throughout my body, fixing
itself for a long stay.

At this point all I could do is feel, it was an internal bleeding that wouldn't
stop. And that's right, I didn't want it to. It had been a long time coming,
a lifetime some might say.

This longing...this spell is the ultimate distraction, and to ride its wave
heightens senses yet to be tried. But isn't that what I really want
something not tried; the unknown....Of course it is. Who knows
where it might lead. But that's the point isn't it?

Now, who knows what ignites that fire. Is it chemistry, destiny,
fate; or just a happening without intent. As that which does in the
chaos. It's like the wind that comes and goes touching this and that
to react.

Now, the Bell wasn't just any Bell. It is a Sun Burst with a rainbow
of appearances, no two the same. It is the ultimate tease.
Through it's small entrance bigger things await. For which
ecstasy can only bow. Most when drawn to it can't handle
the light that emanates. It's a fear of being swallowed up.
Like entering an unfamiliar dark room within oneself,
where truth decides fact from fiction.

What is left for the light is apprehension, leaving one entrenched
in sorrows companions despair, and disbelief. But I, riding the wave
of sin, looking in...ah, I am there in this sun burst of colors a kaleidoscope
saturating the driest of leaves to life! It's the Mona Lisa's smile, Peter Pans bride,
waiting to be unlocked from, from inside. Waiting to be seen, to be explored.
To feel the ripple of love that waits to be freed. It's like dew that rises, and
is carried away. As the morning mist will mating with and joining other clouds
of light, becoming ONE.

As I write this the Bell goes off again under my skin with this feeling
I don't want to end....Anyway, it is Paulo's Brida, the soul's mate.
See it is the weaver behind the thread. The designer of dreams
we are fed. Wearing me, as I am wearing it. A living fabric
dyed in love, soaked in desire, dried in air and the heat of the

It is the last act in a Shakespeare play. There isn't another, it is
the space between the weave when all is said and done.
It is the swirl in a cup cake, one that decorates making the
rivers to run. Like the blood that flows through this heart of
mine, and the body that I know I am to love, because,
The Bell still rings, in this; the last act.....

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Mariah I Want To Sing

Adding love to the world
Is not a bad thing.
So your name mariah
I want to sing.
It's like freedom its bell
Whenever we ring
Its sound is carried
In everything.

Mariah Mariah
Your dance it waits
Because of you
When chance you take
To let that love
In you to wake
When night you dance
The light will make.

For in your smile
As in your eyes
The power of love
Does hypnotize
And will the world
For those with ties
Bring to life
Inside what lies.

And so it is we add our love
To this world we are part of
And that because
It's not a bad thing
So, Mariah Mariah
I want to sing.....

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A first comes but only once
But twice means something more.
Distance may separate
That's straight away to the heart
That waits.

And the day comes facing yesterday
As THAT love turns footsteps around
Like a beam of light homeward bound
For the two heart's, when love was found.

Because, a first comes but only once
But twice remains where once it was;

For love is like connecting flights
Until we arrive. Because, there's nothing
To expect. It's like a dream that knows
To hold on. "For twice will come she said,
It just will. You will see"....

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To Wake The Wind

I climb to where the wolves will meet
That mate for life that both do seek
To find themselves and be complete
And from new heights build their retreat.

And there to look without a face
All the senses to erase
Just with eye to replace
Connecting all and where all waits.

Like Brigid seen in eye through mind
As fresh today as written rhyme
That power in us to define
As patience key she said to find.

And when one does they enter in
That place where only few have been
To share as wolves will in their den
To be as one forever when

And howl together to Wake The Wind..

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Anna's Refrain

Her breasts full as her nipples that feed
This life.
Her lips ripe, ready for what has been
Her legs leading to heaven's gate,
Where hope is still there waiting.
Her eyes hold her flaming soul
Reaching into forever.

Her face like wax before it dries
Has nothing to hide, it's there
Whether day or night fixed,
As a moon's pigment teasing tides.
Her fingers stretch like silken threads
Touching a piano's keys, as her heart
Tells mind to sing her song"Not To Tame"
Because that's her refrain, Anna's refrain,
"Not To Tame".

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Digging Deep

I'm digging deep because of where I've been.
I'm looking now remembering when.
Trying to see and not pretend,
Not looking out but looking in.
Yes I'm seeing things that's where I'm at,
I made it through hell and back, and so it is
And that's a fact, so here I am
Looking back.

I was a Texas dancer in a Texas club.
I had the looks and a body to love.
I made men happy gave them a dream,
But through the years I got lost between.
So I'm digging deep because of what I've seen
And I want what I gave , If you know what I mean.

So I'm digging deep because of where I've been
I'm looking now remembering when
See I'm looking for love, the true kind
I'm looking for what, I know is mine
And so it is I'm here to find
Before my dream runs out of time...

I'm digging deep because of where I've been.
I'm looking now remembering when.
Trying to see and not pretend,
Not looking out but looking in.
Yes I'm seeing things that's where I'm at,
I made it through hell and back, and so it is
And that's a fact, so here I am
Looking back...

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The Crossing

A solitude on sidewalks
Betwwen buildings that
Cluster the housed.

Ambition is left to the west
With its noise that leads to
Empty lives echoing their
Selfish motives and pride.

I sit with this ache of love
With its lack of patience
Displaced, waiting to cross
The street, with Anna.

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It Is You

It is the voice it is the eyes
It is the quiet between the sighs
It is the smell it is the taste
It is the time not to waste.

It is the juice it is the tease
It is the feeling that is pleased
It is the heart it is the soul
It is the kiss that won't let go.

It is the dream the one between
It is the crease that makes the seam
It is love it is true and all because,
It is; YOU.....

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Just because Of Love

And the angels sang their sweetest song...for love.
And the wind caught their white flames from wings set above.
And a field below lit the sky from silver sparks the angels cried
Because this love the angels knew was one that wouldn't die
And all because of you and I.

See, your name was written in the heart by God who gave
This world its spark for love to be and one to see.
Like a rose that has no place to go....will.

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Lashes, like a black widowed spider's threads
Fanning eyes where a night of fire lights day.

Lashes, like thin vines spilling over a flowers pot
Such as the earth it grows in.

Lashes, weighting lids as hearts that hold them
Like a sleepless night will.

Lashes, their fingers cast invisable shadows
Leaving their mark forever, daunting, and wanting.

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The Prize...Love Sincere

With warm love a moment....
Its quiet felt like a flame on a candle
Entering the deep and the room we share
And felt by an eternal night where waves
Of warm wonder escape into the unknown
Softly, humbly, lovingly. Wrapping itself around
What is real....the prize of Love; Sincere....

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When Angels shake their wings
A winter wonderland they bring....

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Desire And Form....Patience And Time

Dear Anna

Thank you for teaching me things i already profess. Like patience and time.
Before I left Germany I eluded to desire and form and their relationship.
You seem to already have a handle on them. When we first met five years ago,
your desire and mine was strong, magical. And that, so another form could be born (Eva),
that new form and desire have an important relationship throughout their life. Like ours.

Desire tells form it needs to eat when form is full, we never seem to thank
or acknowledge desire for its roll, that is ensuring our survival.....Like this time we were together
the sexual desire was for the most part absent...why? Like you said it wasn't there and didn't know why.
But you also said profoundly, we have time. Now my form didn't want to hear that (Ego) and there in
lies the problem. That is when form takes over desires job, and that follows the same for all our senses.

(Regarding the senses it's easy to start thinking all these relationships through)

So when form takes over desires job the real love in the relationship gets distorted
and that is where patience needs to comes in. Which I am as you well know being taught.

It's like being full and form says keep eating. It's a false desire that form creates not trusting
that the real desire knows when and what we really need.
It's a false fear of going without like the sexual thing form says prove your love to me
providing its ego, again because form has taken over, and distorts the real love that doesn't have to be proved
in that way,,,,

So again as you already know all things will come around for when we let form take over desires job giving in
then we just become empty and unsatisfied. This I do know...This you practice...Because when form takes over,
It just wants more and more and more, and out of control with nothing being sacred and special or real.

Like the love I feel right now, that is....You were right we were not going to watch a movie together. You were nurturing me
as I hope I was nurturing you, and for that there in no substitute. Because desire and form were in balance.....united....

Having said all that my desire and form are telling me they want YOU....ha ha....With Love Sincere...Daniel xxxx STAY FREE!

I also know it will be without me....Because

Having realized all this about desire and form, there is still more....Like you said it was really necessary
for me to come there, and it was...
I am glad to be back with my way of life because it too is free...
.I know from the actions that took place when you put your friend
before me after i had put you before my best friend that last day, that you were trying to make it clear that as you said
didn't want a relationship with me,that was pretty obvious, but i just didn't want to believe it...Now I do and
that's ok....I really felt left out and I was. If the love was still there on your part it would have been different
and I would still be there.... because nothing would have stopped it....
But as i have written "When the honey's gone it's time to move on"....
I don't think I would ever come back to Germany and put myself in such a position.
I was there to hang out with you and connect with Eva...But fate had something else in mind
We will have to see what that will be....But I have no illusions as to our relationship...If things changed
for me financially i might consider being there time to time for Eva's sake....I really wish you well and happiness
and success....You are a great mom!....Good luck....

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Love's Lie

The night sky calls to me
To things of which I cannot see
Underneath this canopy
Where love's lie pretends to be
While some will call it destiny
Holding hands with liberty.

But like this sky black as ink
There is no place where
Thoughts can think
Or rest itself in stars above
Connecting with the distance of

Instead there's just this emptiness
That has no place or street address
Just the dark of night in sky
Empty as this love; with lies....

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I know....I know....

I know....I know....

It was the softness of your kiss
It was the one that I had missed

I know....I know....

It was the way you held me tight
It was that hug that felt just right

I Know....I know....

It was my heart when it did sing
With abandon it did bring

I know....I know....

It was that smile in your eyes
And those feelings with its ties

I know....I know....

And if there was any doubt
Well today I want to shout

I know....I know....

Because this love it is true
And all because of you

I know....I know....

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You And The Moon And Me

You and the moon and me
Together they make three
And with the star above
There's a sign of love
In the heavens that I can see.

It's a night in the middle
And a shadow's take
Like musical notes
From a spirit that wakes
You and the moon and me.

I see us there
In this ink black sky
I see us there
From the heart its eye
I see us there
Forever and free

You and the moon and me!

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I Called The Hour Jealousy

I called the hour jealousy
For love you made
Was one to be
For through the window
I could see
And wonderd why
It was not me....

Freedom has a place in hell
To those who stand outside I tell
To feel the lose of love its spell
Waiting in the hallway of
Just looking through the window...

Where sounds of pleasure
I could hear, oh so close
Oh so near, naked bodies
Free from fear, while looking on
With frozen tear, I called the hour

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The Dance

You take me there....with your dance

You take me your glance

You take me my home

You take me there....with love; you own.

Now riding the wave cresting and falling
Testing and teasing with snake like charm
Sparks exploding holding each moment
Taunting the boundaries patience and pride
Feeling the pulse, your dance provides.

And so it is, as wings unfolding
Expressing itself as Falcons with ties
Holding their heads up, looking towards forward
Breaking each boundary, the higher they fly
As you; and I...

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The Dance Of Two Falcons

You take me there....with your dance

You take me your glance

You take me my home

You take me there....with love; you own.

Now riding the wave cresting and falling
Testing and teasing with snake like charm
Sparks exploding holding each moment
Taunting the boundaries patience and pride
Feeling the pulse, your dance provides.

And so it is, as wings unfolding
Expressing itself as Falcons with ties
Holding their heads up, looking towards forward
Breaking each boundary, the higher they fly
Becoming as ONE,
As you; and I...

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The Whole Damn Sky

You helped me forget what I'd been through
You helped me to see things brand new.

You took my past and set it aside
You took that place where I was tried
And gave me new wings so I can vie.

And I dance and I sing and my body I bring
Feeling alive it's my offering with a new sense of pride
I held inside, from a heart that was torn and pushed aside.

But now I am back with my love that survived,
Because I can feel it again for you and I
Without the lie, just a wiser Eye, and;
The whole Damn Sky, Where Falcons.... Fly.

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Your Eyes

Your eyes fill this soul with light
And face that sees and haunts with sight
With mystery that takes the night
Making helpless for want it might.

And there within its fiery core
Its embers still with love endures
Till that which knows with wait implores
Till one that will unlock its doors
To enter in as none before with love these
Eyes, were looking for....

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Her Golden Light

Her body divine, a tree, a tabernacle of golden light
Her middle as smooth as the legs she stands on
Her breasts speak their song of night
As does the eyes, and lips full, soft in her hour
That's ripe.

Her hands send shadows scrambling; anointed,
Like the shoulders and arms that hold them
From chin to neck to cheek, that I, this purveyor
Of truth does seek, and that her body perfect;

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No Time At All

I want to be your lover
'Cause I want it to feel the same
I want it to be like no other
With a love that can never be tamed.

You and I, you and I, you and I.

Our thoughts will rest with the angels
Someplace that is adrift
Floating in someplace that's no where
Like love when experiencing it.

"Cause there's no time for falling and crawling
No time no time to fall, 'cause our time will be time
When calling, not wasting our time building walls
Just this love that has no time; at all....

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Peace Not Triumph

Peace not triumph
Words thrown in the air
Like weapons when

Peace not triumph
Words more powerful
Than nuclear rain seeding

Peace not triumph
Words that lift a swollen river
To find the sea.

Peace not triumph
Words that catch heated rays
On a summer's day
Where peace it stays
As triumph slips, slips

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Butterflies Never Tell No Lies

( Butterflies never tell no lies
They kiss the air paint the skies.
Reminding us when in doubt,
Change is what comes about
Bringing what is inside out.

Now because Butterflies never tell no lies
They're here for us to see those ties
Just as love when in our eyes
Brings together you and I
So we can fly to kiss the air
And paint the skies. Because
Butterflies never tell no lies.)

And even when just for love I feel,
To feel its loss, feel the shame.
I feel its death miss-understood
Trying hard if love it could...survive,
Be real.
We strive for it, so it can be
Instead there's only what one sees, jealously.
For in the end, love doesn't win but generations
Will just pretend, again-again.
For life (THIS) separates as this does illustrate..

No matter how love it may, here the earth
Is love's own grave that someone else will
Try to save, while goodbye get's the last wave.

Because Butterflies never tell no lies...NEVER...

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Face of the Flower

Your face emerges
From the center of the flower
Like a Modigliani painting.

He saw you there
Stretching your neck
Looking around with surprise.

He held its shape
For one brief moment
Seeing it through your eyes.

And so it is
These words I paint
Seeing; it never

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Young buds peaking out
Saying hello to spring!

Streams flowing excited to be
Hello they also sing!

Birds chirping, eyes lurking
They are, in everything!

So this heart that once more starts
Ready for what; they bring!

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There are times.

Lost in time
There are times
Nothing pressing
On the mind
There are times.

Feeling full
Feeling empty
Feeling life
Feeling plenty
There are times.

Life takes
Life gives
Life does
Life is
There are times.

Dreams come
Dreams go
Keeping time
With the flow
Wishing for
Something so
There are times.

And there are times
You just go
Without time
Where truth
Does know,
There are times.

There are times....

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Standing Alone

There it stands alone mixed in thoughts and images
Absorbing, filtering, refining.
It is a night without ending, reaching out into
What is carried over.
It is the ultimate dessert not to be finished
For buds to expand for their next catch.
As one that slowly breathes inhaling the scent of a love
Never to be forgotten, though somewhere put away.

It is the dye that never stops secreting beneath its fleshy skin
Breaching its defenses ecolyptic, spreading itself as a moon's
Beam across an enchanted lagoon will, waiting to explore tomorrow
What the night had clearly shown, while cheating death
One more time inhaling its perfume. And as a poet did express,
"To ride the wave that never breaks...till home"

Where it has always stood; alone.

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I Know, I know

And the Angels sat around you
Using human forms
They knew the heartache
That you felt
And the death that
You now mourn.

They knew your deep compassion
From a love that was just torn
And felt the need to be with you
With that love you lost now gone.

But I was there with them that day
To say to you it was okay
And though my body couldn't stay
I would not be far away.

I know I know I know
How hard you tried to come
But sometimes things just happen
When all is said and done.

And yes those Angels were letting you know
In tears that you now cry.
That I will always love you
And be there by your side.

You are my special daughter
You always made me proud
I bragged about you always
With love I let out loud....

Now be at peace with feelings
Feelings they mean life
Enjoy the gift that God gave you
Just be your shinning light..

And know that light is with you,
As I am right now,
And will be there forever
I know, love taught me how,
I know, I know.....

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Lost In This Ecstasy Of Love

Lost in this ecstasy of love
I can feel it just because
I am sitting here in its hue
Feeling the meaning of reality dreaming
'Cause I know what I'm feeling is true.

Rain is now falling but this love
Keeps on calling and there's nothing
I need to do, 'cause I know I'm awake
And there's nothing to shake
This feeling I have running through.

The mist it is rising from clouds
That were hiding that I can finally see
Feeling the meaning of reality dreaming
Sitting here letting it be.
It's simple it's quiet there's nothing to hide it
No words that need be said, just a smile that knows it
And eyes that show it and that feeling of love
Where I sit.

Love is the ecstasy because of what's next to me
And nothing can hide the true, feeling the meaning
Of reality dreaming, and all because I'm here;
With YOU.....

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The Solstice Of Summer

You and I are one now Butterfly
As you stand on my toe eating off my flesh
As is Stanislova as we read her poetry
Here in a sea of wild flowers and black flies
Eating off us while my clothes dry
Laying on the grass and birds sing to our soul
Where we sit; vulnerable.

And the music plays as wit of wind
Surrounding everything that is within
Sheltering that which now begins
As will this poem from where it's been.

And the waiting is well the worth
For travel it does to far off places
When remaining still, listening, and watching;
Just being.

Twelve year old Maggie Murphy knows
She told me so in her poem
About clouds and mountains she saw behind,
And those many distant places
That are never very far away
As this, now, the solstice of summer....

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Her Blanket

She used my poetry
As one would a blanket
To cover her naked body.
Her dreams were full of my words
Keeping her warm alive and in love
While getting her through
Many winters.

But then a colder night came,
Also in words turning the poetry
Into a fictional footnote, and this
Because those words ate her blanket
Like a moth to sensitive wool.
Like a cancer selfish to survive.

But then a kiss was sent with good thoughts
Turning another page returning her to
A warmer place and time and the poetry
That mends because it is the ultimate reality
That covers the naked, and will, when truth
Was; its thread......

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The Mulkern's Shannon door Dancers

The Mulkern's Shannon door Dancers
Making us proud.

Their dance was like a song
That sings itself.
Like notes rising from
The ashes.

And they danced
And you knew they
From a past
Whatever would be.

And they twirled
And at times they would
Spin, and they'd shake
Whatever within.

And their smiles
They lit up the place,
Knowing very well
What they faced.

But the dance
It kept them alive.
For you know
They both had survived.

And with dignity
The dance they drew
On a pride because
They grew.

For their dance
Was more than true
Their dance was for
Me; and you.....

( The Shannon Door Ladies
Catching every breath
Waitresses extraordinaire
Single Moms at their best
Rushing to the dance floor
To dance their favorite song
Making us so very proud
To know we all belong,
And; to carry on.)

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Savoring Drops

Young leaves stick out
Their tongues
Lapping up drops
Of rain.

Gray skies sundown
The day I lap
As it wanes.

That hug- Oh that hug
She gave, with love
She didn't conceal
Connecting something
Held inside
That love
You know is real.

And then she left
With a wave goodbye
I didn't even know
Her name
But she knows mine
And I'm easy to find
Leaving me with
That flame.

Sipping and lapping
Waiting and wanting
With a thirst for that
Which came.

Now savoring drops
Filling that spot
With love that seeps
Through my veins
Where again it still;

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Look Around

Look around, you're not alone
With what you've done
Or what's been done to you.
Look around, your neighbors
Are the same dealing with
Things the way we do.

This is life, rubbing each
Reaching out, reaching in
Whether poor, whether rich
Having less, having more.
It doesn't matter, having fame
Or nor. look around, listen
To a song, or poem. Those
Moving on, faces of pain
Makes us proud to be one
Of them. Sensitive fragile
Yet strong.

This is life the way it is
Not the way you'd like it
As does everyone else
Thinking we know the way.

Look around, we are one
With what we did, or what's been done.
I have more holes in me than Swiss cheese
I look around and know I'm not alone.
Some make it, some don't
Moments change, times won't.
Mothers fathers sons daughters
Sisters brothers, all's fodder..
It's a perfect world that seems insane
Like it or not, it's God's game
(And what can you do about that..ha ha.)

Ego's flare, a distant star. Not knowing
Where we are. Or, who it is that holds
The strings, until that time that love
Brings to That eye that sees all things
To look around and see we're not alone,
With things done or things owned.
Life is about sharing all its experiences
Together, till the egg cracks, being the heroes
That we are, trying to break through.
All we need do is Look around
It's all there these things
We share, as we hurdle through space
Thinking that we're not moving
And alone....Look around.....

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Sadie OH Sadie

There's a lass, and her name is Sadie
And I wish that she was my lady (Chorus)
But I'm older than her, still my heart
It just purrs, and I know she's driving
Me crazy.

I'd love to ask her out, but my head
Just fills with doubt, that she'd just
Say no, and be pissed if so, so I hide
These feelings that shout.

I love you I love you I love you
This mystery knows the why
My head its thoughts are filled
With you, but I hold back because
Of my pride.

Don't want to embarrass you now
Red in the face that I am. But I'm
Feeling a love that is killing me,
And it's something I never had planned.


Sadie Sadie oh Sadie, how can I let you
Know? I get lost for words when I
Talk to you, dragged down by love's

Now I caught you looking at me,
And I wonder just what you see.
I don't see a smile just a look
That is wild and I wonder just
What it could be?

You probably think I'm a fool
(I'm not) If so that's up to you.
Just telling you how I'm feeling,
And to you and myself be true.


Don't know how long I'll be living
But surely that day will pass,
But I'd love to pass this time
With you, I'd love you to be my

Now you might feel each line I've
Written, and surely see how I am
Smitten, or better a place we know
As just fate, where many a man has
Been bitten.

Yes I felt these feelings many times
Before, what else can this life be for
Than to touch someone from love inside
That keeps us going and feeling alive.

And here I am once again, feeling
These feelings I have within
Letting them out to ride the wind
Enjoying the love no matter the end.

So here it is each breath I pant,
With words that say when with you
I can't. And hope they don't offend
With these feelings for you I'll be
Saying again.


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Put a poet in a room
And the room becomes;
A Poem.

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Not knowing

Not knowing
Where I'm going
Not knowing

Not knowing
What is showing
Or what the day will

Not knowing
Like this flowing
If it has meaning.

Only know not knowing
Life keeps; happening.

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I Hear The Screams

I hear the screams
In the remains
Coming out of buried
I hear the screams
From petro glyphs
Out of caves like
My own.

I hear the screams
From a child born
Feeling they knew
Something was wrong.

I hear the screams
From the ocean floor
Where life its blood
Its oil pours.
I hear the scream
From my tired soul
Where values were
Divinely stored.

I hear the screams
From the standing owl
Through the night.
And then I hear them
Once again with new

I hear the scream
From the inner child
The lion grips.
I hear it from the
Sidewalk crowds
With looks that

I hear the screams
Though not in sound
Screaming helpless
All around,

I hear; the SCREAMS.....

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Where mushrooms sit
I long to be
For this I know is

There where ancient
Gods have sat
Where they suckled
Born of THAT.
THAT which carries
With her still
And mouths are fed
With life its will.

For there they sit
Upon her chest
Where milk does flow
And we ingest
That place where
Natures vows were set
When God and Goddess
They first met....

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Open Spaces

Far away into the night I go
Where dreams don't know.
Far away into that eternal flight
That place where a smile fills
My soul. Away from yesterdays
And rivers backwards flow.

Here bodies float with flowing silk sails
Faces pressed against the unknown
A weightless sailor free to roam
Through open spaces, while heading;

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The Unicorn With The Golden Horn

Once upon a time, which could, or not, be a long time ago.
A little unicorn with a golden horn was born in a magical forest.
It was born with soooo much love to give, and all it wanted back was
to be loved in the same way.

This little unicorn with the golden horn lived in a pink cloth bag
made by the fairy mother of that forest, for she knew how special
this unicorn was, and this special bag made from magical cloth
would protect this unicorn when necessary.

Now, the first memory for the little unicorn with the golden horn
after leaving the magical forest where it was born, was being
in a store front window where people passed it by every day.
But even though most people looked no one seemed interested.

So the little unicorn with the golden horn let a tear drop from its eyes.
Then one day a little girl asked her mother for the little unicorn with
the golden horn. This made the little unicorn with the golden horn
so happy...

When the girl brought it home she zipped up the bag with the little unicorn with
the golden horn inside, and there it stayed in total darkness where
it was thrown along with all the other things this girl had.

Then one day the mother, because of all the stuff the little girl had in her room,
and because there was no more room to move around, and because of her own
stuffed house, decided to have a yard sale, and because nothing was really special
for that little girl because of all her things, the unicorn wouldn't be missed,
because it didn't mean anything to her.

So the unicorn with the golden horn ended up in this huge pile for the yard sale.
But by the end of the day no one bought the little unicorn with the golden horn
and so the mother threw it in the trash heap along with some other things that
didn't sell. When the rubbish truck came the next day somehow it fell out and
landed in the gutter where it stayed for several days.

Then a dog came along and picked it up and closed its sharp teeth around the
cloth bag with the little unicorn with the golden horn inside waiting in darkness.
The dog just started to shake the bag trying to get it open, and this made the
little unicorn with the golden horn really sick with dizziness. After awhile the dog
gave up and left it under a bush near a field.

Well, a crow circling above saw this pink cloth bag and swooped down picked
up the bag and carried it away. The little unicorn with the golden horn inside
felt itself being raised higher and higher, and then again being brought back down
and that is when it experienced the butterflies in its unicorn belly, much like the ones
it feels because of so much love it has to give, until finally back on the ground.
The little unicorn with the golden horn felt its magical bag being pecked at, but
like the dog the crow gave up trying to get inside and flew away.

Soon it started to rain and the little unicorn with the golden horn felt damp and cold.
A few days went by when it started to feel warm again. The sun had come out and
the rain had washed the pink bag shiny and clean. A woman passing by noticed the
pink cloth bag and picked it up and unzipped the bag and for the first time in a long
time the little unicorn with the golden horn could breath and smell the clean fresh air.

This lady was so surprised that she found such a special gift that she took it with her
because she had to go shopping. But after she shopped she looked for the pink bag
with the little unicorn inside but it was gone, and because she had stopped at so many
stores she just forgot about it.

Well the store where she did lose it was a specialty shop, and it was no accident
that the little unicorn with the golden horn would end up there, because the woman
who owned the shop found it later in the day when cleaning up. And just then a man
walked into the store who she knew was making a trip very far away across the ocean
and had been looking for a special gift for this little four year old girl he was going to visit,
and so she gave it to him. And when he saw the little unicorn with the golden horn he knew
this was just the right gift for her.

He packed it away and when he was able to give this pink bag with the little unicorn with
the golden horn to that little girl he watched her unzip the bag and seeing her eyes light
up with so much love he knew that this little unicorn with the golden horn was finally home
where it belonged, because now they never leave each others side, and because the little
unicorn found and received the love it wanted, and the one to give all its special love too,
never had to cry again....

And yes both are still happy together and will be; forever...The end....

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And That's Just Fine

I don't have money, but I do have time
And time is something that I knows all mine.
I don't have things to way me down
But what I do have is some peace of mind.
And that's just fine, and that's just fine.

Now some days it rains some days it pours
Some days I don't have a place indoors.
Some days I'm freezing some days I'm hot
Some days the wind blows some days it's not.
And that's just fine and that's just fine.

It's me and my candle sitting in my van
A very dark night but my candle stands.
A solemn quiet, a peace prevails
Sitting in my van, still my sails.
Just me and my candle flickering light
And it's all right, it's all right.

Now I don't have money to buy me love
But the love I get is real because
It's a love for me for what I got
And love that's real is one not bought.
And what I have I know is mine
And that's just fine, and that's just fine.

Now some people help me along the way
And I try to give back in words I say
And most people are really so kind
And the heart still rules is what I find.
'Cause time's still mine, and that's just fine.

Like now I'm feeling this love for you
You're on my mind, you're on my mind.
And that's just fine, and that's just fine
'Cause I know we all have still got time....
And that's just fine, and that's just fine.

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You gave me the first kiss (Innocent)
and the trees surrounding us were
pleased, they laughed and danced.

And the earth we spread on each others
face marking us forever to that other
place. And the breath we gave as those
did take feeling the oneness when ego's

An aura of indigo held its glow with
love from another that made it just so,
And with sacred water our faces touched
while looking at hands their wonder,
with nothing planned so ecstasies rush.

Cards we read guiding us to seeing what
mountains we needed to view. Teasing
THIS Wolf waiting it's true. And later
the Wolf seen from inside of you. For
the Wolf is loyal to what it must do.

God and Goddess and a cats tale
reminding us both we need not fail,
to have the courage to dance in the
dark, bringing our light that will create
the spark.

For love is in the still in the city of the
mind, there as it was, and will be to find.
It's beyond forever, it just IS. In the silence
of being this dreamer was filled.

For I looked in the mirror and saw my
true self. It was one with wisdom, compassion,
no doubt. And again my reflection it came
back from you, seeing myself in the other
I knew.

The dreamer woke never to sleep. Conscious
of being at one now to keep, in silence that
frees the moment to be, real, alive, and able
to see.

And the Spirit spoke:

" I call you love, because you are!
No matter what, you have been told.

I call you love no matter young, nor

I call you love divine and true.
I call you love because I'm told.
Love is there inside to hold,
it is YOUR Gold".

Wherever we go we bring colors
we show, no matter if winter or
spring. Gracing the air and everything
there so special are we that bring
a movement in mass with waves of
love, rippling, carried by wind in its
task. WE are the topsoil feeding the seeds
with love that will begin the end, that
love will defend. And this will grow to
what always was ending the dream
that did descend.

So why fear? Not wanting to feel the
hurt by letting someone in totally?
Your heart has been broken in the past,
so the walls. But being human is like
that. And that is being alive. To feel!

We have an unknown potential waiting.
We just need to be together, love together,
to have it unfold, to open. I AM, as you ARE.
We both know this.....

The Wake:

There is a coffin waiting for us all. Like
this woman I saw with painted lips, so
beautiful. She looked as if she lie asleep
at peace, there now in another place.
As if having a wonderful dream.
Others were crying for her and themselves,
caught in this reality where chaos and grief
dance the pain, wishing IT would sleep.

She disposed to move along, her lips
glistening like paint might before it dries
will, and in time will peal, as hearts do
now that feel.

You sank your hand through my chest,
into my heart. Now my heart is in your
hands, the two that beat the same.
Like you born in 93, you felt my pain
and came. Tania never sleeps, and
patience has her name, and freedom
is yours and mine when without the shame

And the bear lies there upon her chest
protecting her in its quest. To keep the
love its flow, no matter the test, till that
bridge is crossed, as the mountain's peak,
And the Wolves together, will rest.....

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Sand To Sand

Passing sand from hand to hand
Palms open as two hearts can.
Pleasing senses one of love
Sand to sand still is that was.

Feeling the burn fall colors leave
Floating the river towards the sea
Feeling the other inside of me
Feeling the real not what could be.

A Blue Herring flying by
Waving wings one with sky
Feeling love feeling high
Seeing love that is; the I.

Geese passing over head hearing wings
Like leather that slips, slips between
Two holding hands where moments before
Passed sand to sand.

A moon near full rises slow
Seeing things in the flow
Not believing if love is so
Being here one just knows.

This, carried by a stronger fate
Sealed with being both awake
To see all things in a higher state
Like passing through a long locked gate.

And there scripted by an artist drew
Words that share what we felt too
There in sand what was the true
Simply put....I LOVE YOU.....

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With Love

You are Eve
Calf Woman's
You are the Goddess
Green Eyed
You are the heart
You are the pure
You are the Love
All look for.
You are the Wolf
Your eyes are keen
You share two worlds
You go between.
You look from high
The mountain top
You see all things
It is your spot.
And just as I
Who knows these things,
It is with love
This earth we bring.
And though a veil
Tries separate
To cast a doubt
To penetrate,
The will of ONE
Make no mistake
Will get us through
That once locked gate
Where PATIENCE waits,

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