Hear Ye Hear Ye

When the muse is gone and the rivers stop
When the day begins where night left off
When the song is sung and the news is not
And friends become a subject lost

When the passion stills as in the one
And the heat that burns is over: done
And words mean nothing and so they're flung
Such a truth has finally come

When persuasion is, like grass that's wet
When orgasms come from implanted chips
Where movies in mind fill that place
And made from leftover radioactive waste

When chaos, is symphonic as ice that melts
And seeds are all androgynous
And the apples completely lost its taste
And; without care

When the only thing that's simple, is standing in line
When news means nothing, as governments and wars
When male and female are the same
And nothing matters in their name

When indifference is, the one true face
And social revolutions are incased
With only deserts in there place
And human embryos that have no trace

When the human touch is finally gone
And no one wonders what went wrong
When chips become the human heart
Where love its memory has no part

When every move is being watched
As with every little thought
And there's no place one can hide
That's the day OUR SPIRIT: DIED!